Advertisement Ideas: How To Drive Business With Effective Advertising!!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: How To Drive Business With Effective Advertising!

 As an advertising executive I am asked all the time, JDOGG how do I know that an advertisement in your magazine, La Bonita Kidz and Teenz will work? My answer is you don’t however I can tell you one thing if you don’t advertise you will be at a disadvantage.  I am asked how do I know the ad will be effective? Again my answer is you don’t that is why I am here to help you to effectively maximize your message. The key is to have fresh ideas that none of your competitors are using so that you stand out from the rest and build your brand.

 One thing to remember is to be creative in your advertising so you will attract business. One idea I gave to an advertiser, who owned a car, was to advertiser Topless Car wash with a disclaimer ( we wash everything but the roof) $12.99 you want the roof done $13.49. This worked as his business increased. When I worked in the bowling industry we used programs from The Bowling Proprietors Association of America to drive business and we did extensive local area advertising to fill the leagues. One promotion I implemented one Summer was Beanie Baby Bowling, where the kids paid $10 for 2 games of bowling, shoes, and a beanie baby. The first week we had 40 people filling 8 lanes by the end of the summer we had 110 bowlers filling 22 lanes with the reaming lane filled with summer league bowlers. When I worked for Footlocker I would take the friends and family coupons and distribute them in the mall and at the local high school, sales increased by 138% when I did that. The key is to understand that word of mouth advertising, print advertising, radio and TV advertising, and social media advertising will work if you are creative.

 Find people to advocate for your business. If you have a satisfied client/customer have them do a written and video testimonial. You can then use these testimonials in your advertising programs to build credibility. People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust.  By advertising you get known in the community. The more people see you the better the chances they will do business with you. The idea is to create fans of your business who will advocate and support you by telling others.

 The right promotion aimed at your target audience and advertised properly can drive traffic  and thus increase your brand awareness and add to your revenue. For example a tire company recently did a promotion buy 3 tires get the 4th free. This was very effective. The cost of the 4th tire was minimal to the company and this brought people into their locations and while at the locations the customer received a diagnostic analysis for other recommended services. Most customer purchased one or more of the recommended services. Again get the people to your business and then you can upsell them. This goes for any business for example a life coach may offer buy 3 sessions get the 4th free. Then the life coach can offer his book, his cds, his dvds, and other products or services to the client. A dry cleaner can run a program bring in 4 shirts and the 5th shirt free, while the customer is there the dry cleaner can mention other services like alterations or custom clothing.   By continuing to promote and use advertising effectively  you will drive business.

Advertisement Ideas:  JDOGG’S Tips To Drive Business

1:  Use social media by including useful information in your posts and then have a special for the day or week.

2:  Have a professional voice mail message that gives the customer/client information along with an incentive to use your products or services.

3:  have promotional items to distribute in the marketplace. People love to get free stuff.  In many cases just asking a question and  handing someone a give-a-way  will plant a seed for future business.

4:  Use your media outlets with a consistent message.

As you continue to plan your work and work your plan remember that effective advertising drives traffic.


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