Advertisement Ideas: Why A Full Page?


Advertisement Ideas: Why A Full Page?

   As an ad executive and marketing consultant with La Bonita Kidz and Teenz Magazine, www.labonitakidz.com. I am often asked why a full-page. My answer is always because it gives you an opportunity to tell your story because facts will tell but stories sell. The second answer I give is because it allows you an opportunity to section the page  off and promote many things about your business. My third answer is because for $500 + tax you are getting maximum exposure in the market place over a 3 month period of time as we are a quarterly magazine.

 A full-page ad gives you an opportunity to feature many products and services. You can do several specials. For example La Bonita Kidz and Teenz next issue comes out for The Fall( September, October, November) so a back to school promotion can go in one quadrant, a Halloween Themed Special can Go In another quadrant, A Thanksgiving themed promotion can go in another quadrant, testimonials or your story can go in another quadrant. Then your vital information like location, phone #, website,  can go on the bottom. Having a Full Page ad also increases your visibility. The reader is more apt to stop and read a full-page ad then a business card or 1/4 page.

Advertisement Ideas Laying Out An Effective Full Page Ad!!!

In laying out your ad you must first decide what message or image do I want the ad to portray? Then you must decide what graphic hook I am going to us? You want to have a tag line that draws attention( ask yourself what pain does my business take away). You want to ask yourself what promotions will bring people in to my business or entice them to call and use my services?

The above ad is a nice ad, It is obvious that they are selling tanning services. The girl grabs your attentions, the offers are appealing, and their vital information is included. I may have added a starburst with a testimonial about their services. Maybe a headline of Want to look good and Feel Good? then on the next line stop by  Planet Beach Contempo Spa. If they offer spray tans they may want to highlight that service. The idea is take the full-page and use it effectively.

   If you would like to book a Full Page Ad and have your other advertising evaluated please connect with me at 954-254-8227.

You will see that I have included what I do and how people can get in contact with me along with an offer to help them with their business. In the 30 years that I have been involved in advertising, marketing, and public relations I have found that larger print ads like a full-page is well worth the investment.

 This is why you opened your doors today now you must decide why a full-page? The answer is because the more visible you are with a consistent message the more clients/customers you are going to attract.

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