Advertisement Ideas: How To Take A Proactive Stance!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: How To Take A Proactive Stance!!!

 Looking at this list by Stephen Covey one realizes it is necessary to be proactive. The question is how do you take a proactive stance? The answer is  by being awake & aware of what is going on in your market and planning your marketing accordingly. For example  here is South Florida The Miami Heat are facing The Indiana Pacers tonight in Game 7 of The Eastern Conference Finals so doing a special promotion across your social media platforms, a text message campaign, and an email to your contacts offering specials on your products or services related to the game would garner interest.  I was at Smokey Bones on Saturday Night watching Game 6 of The Eastern Conference Finals. The Heat lost and I thought if I was The GM I would have stood by the door and would have handed everyone a FREE Appetizer Card and invited them back to watch Game 7. I then thought if they had a sound system do some contests for prizes creating a buzz and getting people saying I was at Smokey Bones in Plantation and it was awesome they had great food, great service, and I had fun do you want to watch Game 7 with me there?  The key is to look at what you can do to maximize your message, build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and create additional revenue.  Business could of posted signs yesterday wear your Heat gear and receive 10% off of your purchase. If you had a service business such as Life Coaching you could have done a promotion $7 off each session you book today. Taking a Proactive stance and planning your advertising is imperative to having success. How many of you reading this are promoting something for 4th of July?  Are you thinking about Back To School? Thanksgiving? Christmas? or Hanukkah? Chances are you are not and you are blaming others for the fact that your business may be off. It is no ones fault but your own if you are not taking a proactive stance.

Advertisement Ideas: Ways To Take A Proactive Stance!!!!


1:  Align yourself with a Special Event in your community such as Relay For Life. There are many ways you can take a proactive stance and leverage your involvement to benefit your business. You can form a team, you can offer products or services as a chance drawing item, you can run a fundraiser. When you do this you should take photos and videos and send them to your media list and post across social media platforms. People like to support businesses that they perceive to be giving back to the community.

2: Team up with a youth sports program in your neighborhood. Sponsorships aren’t that expensive and you usually receive a plaque to display in your business. If you are a good sponsor you will attend the games and hand out your business cards tot he parents as they may benefit from your products or services.

3:  Pick up a copy of Heidi Richards Mooney’s Book Quirky Marketing and find out the special days. Pick a few of the special days like National Donut Day and do a promotion revolving around that. The key is to plan your work and work your plan when it comes to advertising and marketing so you can take a proactive stance!!!

 For this day if you have a brick and mortar business perhaps to a cook out and give  FREE hot dog to everyone who shops at your store and sell them a soda for $1 with the proceeds going to a charity. You can revolve and entire campaign with your advertising for the week.  If you don’t do something for 2013 you now know that June 11 is National Hotdog Day and you can plan for 2014.

4:  Become a public speaker on topics where you possess a level of expertise and develop cds and books to sell at each presentation. While you are speaking you can promote special events coming to your business. Having a great presentation will help you to take a proactive stance.

5:  Know what is happening in your community and in the world and capitalize on the moment. For example The Miami Fury Women’s Tackle Football is seeking to go undefeated on June 8, 2013 as they play their final regular season game at North Miami Stadium. If you have a business in that area or that draws from that area you should think of ways to tie into www.miamifuryfottball.com.

 By Taking a proactive stance &  creating a desire for your products and services you will begin to see more success. Taking a proactive stance to be of service and value leads to success.


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