Advertisement Ideas: The Importance Of Another Voice!!!


Advertisement Ideas: The Importance Of Another Voice!!!

 As I am determined to be of service and value to all those I come in contact with I am always amazed when someone isn’t open and receptive to ideas that can help their business to grow. Many times I find entrepreneurs that are so married to their business that they shut out outside ideas and thus do not grow as much as they could.  Sometimes the entrepreneur is set in his/her ways and thinks they know what is best for the business because they come from a position of fear and ego. The fear is often coming from the fact that they are afraid to take a financial risk or they think they are so big that they know more than the other voice.  The importance of listening to another voice is that voice may have something you didn’t think about. I recently had this happen when I made a suggestion to someone to approach the colleges in the area to find sales people for her project. her answer was I wouldn’t have thought of that. Just because someone may never have owned a business do not disqualify them as they may have been around business for a long time and helped those businesses to maximize their message.  I am often amazed by the lack of creativity shown by entrepreneurs and marketing directors and then I amazed that they wonder why business might be slow.

Advertisement Ideas: Case Studies On Why Another Voice Is Important!!!

I walked in to my local Chase Branch to speak to the branch manager about La Bonita Kidz and Teenz( and I gave her an idea to do a Dollars and Cents Column to educate the readers about saving and investment programs that are available. Her answer really floored me as she said “I don’t think we have anything like that.” This floored me because I would think a financial institution would have ready to print SEC approved materials so as to build their brand in the local market not only to create brand awareness but a feeling of trust amongst existing customers and potential new customers. She took the information and forwarded it on to the marketing department. Chase should have a strategic local marketing plan as any financial institution should have because what works in Tamarac, FL may not work in Jupiter, FL as the communities are demographically different.  This is why having an outsider that is not emotionally attached to the business is important as the outside person may help to develop programs that are instrumental in retaining existing clients/customers while attracting new customers.

 I worked with Coach Shantel Springer on publicity and as a result she received media coverage thus giving her credibility and attracting new clients. She exemplified the idea of listening to another voice. Shantel walks her talk and invests in herself and as a result has been able to create a network of individuals to go to for assistance as she understands that everyone can be helpful in some way.

Advertisement Ideas: Tools To Find and Listen To Another Voice!!!


There are many books that can be  tools that create a shift so that you are open to receive and thus listen to other voices to help you grow

personally and professionally.


Applying affirmations will open a whole new way of listening so that you can meet with success. Remember that sometimes it is the person that has no ties to your business that can give you the best ideas.

 Many times the puzzle can be completed when you involve others. Joining a mastermind group has proven to be a great tool for many entrepreneurs as together everyone accomplishes more.

 Surveys can be a great way to gather others input that can lead to ideas that enhance your business, build your brand, and increase revenue.

Advertisement Ideas: Have An Idea Person As Your Other Voice!!!!

 Find an idea person that you can go to in order to help you to be creative and proactive in all you do to promote your business. Sometimes the ideas may seem out there however if implemented they may work.  In today’s market where advertising is important you must be proactive and creative so as to retain already existing customers and to attract new customers.

 As you continue to grow your business remember to be open-minded and receptive to ideas as they are presented for those ideas can lead to greater success. Most successful people understand the importance of another voice. Remember that person selling you and ad today or asking for a donation can be a client/customer tomorrow.

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