Advertisement Ideas: How To Effectively Use Cause Marketing


Advertisement Ideas: How To Effectively Use Cause Marketing!


 How many of you went out this week and bought a pint of Penn Jillette Magic Swirtle Ice-cream developed for Walgreens as part of his task as a finalist on All Star Celebrity Apprentice to benefit Opportunity Village? I did and I will probably buy another pint or 2 before Sunday’s Final Episode. As I bought the ice-cream I began to think wow what an effective cause marketing campaign. I then began to ask the question why aren’t more business people using this tactic? The answer was simple it was because they didn’t know how simple a cause marketing campaign is to run.

    While I was checking out at Walgreens the register prompt asked if I wanted to donate to The American Cancer Society. I again thought wow great cause marketing. I have witnessed cause marketing and have seen it work very effectively over the last 35 years. I remember the aisles of smiles campaign for The Muscular Dystrophy Association where if you bought certain Proctor and Gamble products they would donate to The Muscular Dystrophy Association. I have seen several programs known as give back nights done with local restaurants with great success. Cause marketing can be a very effective marketing tool if done correctly.

 In 2010 I approached Tony, the owner of The Skyline Chili in Sunrise, FL, about doing a night where he would donate a portion of the sales to The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Sunrise, FL. Seeing the value of the idea he said yes and he ran a give back night once a month for Relay For Life. It was very easy as he put it on his website, put fliers up in the restaurant announcing the night and even had a placard made up with all the dates and then put the money raised on the placard. He received media coverage and when the project was finished he donated nearly $5000 to Relay For Life. As a result of his cause marketing he picked up a few customers. I know I now make it a point to stop in and have lunch or dinner because of his generous support. He continues to do these give back nights for other charities and a  result his sales are up.

Advertisement Ideas: The Cause Marketing Blue Print!!!!

 The way to effectively use cause marketing is to first find a cause that is synergistic with the values of your business or that holds a special purpose for you to align with the cause.

After you find a cause that is synergistic with your business then ask yourself what type of campaign am I going to conduct. Is my campaign going to be a  donation from my fees for services, am I going to donate a percentage of sales, am I going to simple have collection canisters out, am I going to piggy back off an already existing campaign that the charity has. Once you decide on the campaign you are going to want to promote the campaign.

To recap:

1: Choose the Cause

2: Create the Campaign

3: Promote The Campaign

 To effectively use cause marketing it is imperative to maximize your message and have a plan that answers what is the purpose of the campaign, what are the goals of the campaign, what resources are needed to bring the campaign to fruition, what do we do if we get negative feedback, how will we promote the campaign, what is the timetable for the campaign, what is the budget for the campaign. These questions are very important to answer as they will help you to use cause marketing effectively.

Advertising Ideas: JDOGG’S Top 10 Cause Marketing Fails

10:   M&M’s had a good intention with supporting breast cancer awareness but didn’t realize that sugar and the artificial coloring causes cancer.

9:  KFC thought they were showing a big heart with this special to benefit The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation not understanding that a large soda is a contributing factor to Diabetes.

8:  Wendy’s is a great place that services their customers well but they missed the mark with this fundraiser for The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

7:  Campbell’s had it heart in the right place but its mind must have been elsewhere as the artificial coloring and preservatives used in their products are linked to causing cancer.

6:  I can see it now hey Bob let get drunk but it is for a good cause.

5:  Do the makers of Dawn realize that their bottles if not recycled harm wildlife.

4:  Didn’t the makers of Mike’s Hard Lemonade know that alcohol consumption is one of the causes of cancer not to mention the artificial flavoring.

3:  Great in theory but the damage that a candy bar can do to a person out weighs the good cause they are supporting.

2:  Great idea buy bottled water and support a charity, however what happens when those bottles are not recycled.

1:  Arby’s wants Kids to be Happy and Hungry. This is a big oops maybe they meant to be happy and full. After all this is a campaign to end hunger.

To be effective with your cause marketing really think things through.

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