Advertsiement Ideas: Lessons From Celebrity Apprentice!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Lessons From Celebrity Apprentice!!!

  On Sunday May 19, 2013 The All Star Celebrity Apprentice will be named. It has come Down to Penn Jillette and Trace Adkins. Both of them have been great competitors and represent great charities. Penn is representing The Inclusion Project and Trace is representing The American Red Cross.  Through this season I have observed many lessons. As I watched the final task, which was to design a DELISH Ice Cream Flavor for Walgreens and then present it at the party I began to think who is going to bring in the most money?  Trace used a lot of his key contacts on task one which he won teaching us to strategically plan when you can use your key contacts again. Penn has a huge contact list and is well liked teaching us that it is important to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

 Each player taught us a lesson that we can use to improve our personal and professional lives.

 Bret Michaels taught us that it is okay to be passionate and to hold our ground for at the end of the day all we have is our integrity.

 Stephen Baldwin taught us that holding back and trying to be something you are not doesn’t work. The key is to be real and authentic in all you do.


 Gary Busey taught us that sometimes being on the lunatic fringe will work and sometimes it won’t so we need to choose wisely when we represent ourselves and others.


 Marilu Henner taught us to be detailed oriented and to follow-up with all that made promises and that it is important to put together a professional presentation when making an effort to woo new clients.


 La Toya Jackson taught us that sometimes taking the high road is the best way even if you may loss.


 Lil John taught us that when you say you are going to do something you must do it.



 Claudia Jordan taught us that you must give 100% in all you do or you will not succeed.

 Omarosa taught us that cut throat tactics are not the best tactics.

 Lisa Rinna showed us that you can make a comeback and that you can be a strong leader by showing appreciation to others.


 Brande Roderick  taught us that it is important to think things through and build relationships.


 Dennis Rodman taught us that it is important to utilize key contacts and to be a team player.

 Dee Snider  taught us the importance of being yourself and sticking to your ideas regardless of what others may think.


 Though it may only be a TV Show there is a lot to learn from watching the show:

1: How important having a team is

2: How important having key contacts is.

3: How important branding is.

4: How important listening and understanding is.

5: How important promotion is.

 Who will the winner be and what lessons will we learn. The biggest take away so far this season is the reinforcement that when you align yourself with a charity you build a stronger brand.  The key now is to apply the lessons learned and continue on a path to success.








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