Advertisement Ideas: Your Business Doesn’t Have To Be Slow!!!


Advertisement Ideas:Your Business Doesn’t Have To Be Slow!

  As I sell advertising for La Bonita Kidz and Teenz, www.labonitakidz.com, I hear over and over my business is slow I can’t advertise right now.  I always think why is your business slow? The answer is simple because you are not advertising and you are missing opportunities. I also think the reason your business is slow is you are shutting out ideas because of your programmed response of I am not interested. By not being interested in opportunities and not advertising your business remains slow.  The reality is that your business doesn’t have to be slow. You have the power to drive traffic by being creative and proactive. I have covered this in this blog on several occasions and those who have used some of the ideas have shown a spike in their business.

 Having an awareness as to what is happening in the marketplace will help you to increase your business. Ask yourself what pain do I take away? After you answer this question then you can come up with a plan of action to promote yourself effectively and create a desire for your products or services.  This month baseball season started and I began to think how can one capitalize on the fact that people are going to be following their favorite team for 162 games and how can I use this to my advantage? The answer was to promote things like Pitch Like An All Star, where I teach people how to improve their copy writing and presentation skills. Or Hit a Home Run With Your Publicity, where I teach people how to secure free publicity through effective media relations.  By incorporating the baseball theme you create something that is relevant, entertaining, and resonates with your desired target audience.

 In today’s market place where people are thinking globally and acting locally there is no reason for your business to be slow. Think how can I reach people everyday with a message that will have a strong call to action so they will do business with me. Think what makes me stand out, how am I more skilled than my competitors, what do I offer that others do not, if I was a consumer why would I buy the products or services that I am offering. When you begin to build value and create a reputation of being of service you begin to attract customers/clients and overcome the excuse of my business is slow.

 The power of your words leads the  manifestation of what you believe. By saying sales are down, business is slow, the economy is bad, I am struggling, I don’t have a budget for that, I can’t afford that you continue to manifest the negativity that comes with these statements. Instead you can say business is improving, I am investing in the right type of advertising, my advertising is effective , people are coming to me and purchasing my items. By shifting your words and your mindset you will start to see that there is no reason for your business to be slow.

Advertisement Ideas: Tools To Stop Your Business From Being Slow!!!

1: Proper advertising with enticing offers explaining who you are, what you do, and why people should do business with you is a proven tool to increase your business. Advertorials drive traffic.

2:      Affirmations are great tools to help increase your business.

3: Running Specials is a great way to drive traffic.


This week look at why you believe your business to be slow and then make a shift to do something to build awareness and increase revenue.


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