Advertisement Ideas: Finding Your Why!!!


Advertising Ideas: Finding Your Why?


As I sat at lunch today (4/5/13) at The Progressive Black Men National Conference along with Clifford Townsend, a Mindset Coach and Speaker I had the pleasure of hearing a presentation by one of the alumni members about finding your why? As I listened to him speak about brotherhood and finding your why I thought what if a business could convey their why in advertising?

You can visit www.pbm1989.org to find out more information about Progressive Black Men and the work they are doing. You can even consider sponsoring them and having an opportunity to share your why. The key is to define your why.

 In finding your why ask yourself why am I in this business? Ask why I opened my doors this morning? Ask why you are promoting what you are promoting.  I have always stated that facts tell and stories sell. By having a why story you will resonate with people who can relate to you and thus want to do business with you.  I am often asked JDOGG why do you do what you do? My answer is because I have a desire to help other people excel and I have learned if you help enough people get what they want you will get what you want.  I also answer because I know that marketing works for people do business with those they know like and trust. By sharing your why with others they begin to know you, like you, and trust you. 

One way to find your why is to ask why am I doing this, what is it that I want to achieve from this, does this serve me?  These are very important questions to ask when you embark on an advertising campaign.  Imagine you purchase a full-page ad in a local publication to tell everyone what your why is and then people read this and they are so moved by your why that they become your clients/customers.

 Once you find you why and you take action to promote it you will want to be open to finding every avenue you can to tell your why story. When you speak to a publication speak to the publisher, editor, or section editors. When you seek radio coverage to share your why speak to the program manager or community outreach director. When you explore TV coverage talk to producers and assignment desk managers. The key is to have you do your out reach and share your why.

 My why for doing this blog is to help those reading it understand the importance of putting themselves out there to strengthen their brand, create customer loyalty, and understand that it is when you are open to receive that you succeed.  Another reason why I do this blog is to stress how important it is to have a presence in the market place every day.  Remember it is when you aggressively market and tell your why story that you attract he most business.

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