Advertisement Ideas: Let The Madness Begin!!!!



Advertisement Ideas: Let The Madness Begin!!!

Every March college basketball fans become very engaged with The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament filling out and charting the progress of their bracket picks. This had me thinking how are you as a business engaging your customers and keeping them engaged? One way to do this is to do a tie-in to March Madness in your advertising campaign. Have you thought about doing your own bracket contest, offering a special to those wearing their favorite college basketball jersey, or hosting a watch party. Today for example The University Of Miami Hurricanes will face University of Pacific and you could do a special promotion if The Hurricanes win or a contest to win Hurricanes Memorabilia.  The possibilities are endless if you plan your marketing strategy, implement a marketing strategy, and then evaluate how well the strategy worked. Being proactive in the market place is the key to success.

 An example of being proactive in the market place is Legends Tavern and Grille as they partnered with Florida Triple Threat All Stars,, a  Cheerleading Squad who are raising money to go to World Championships. Legends is donating 10% of sales from 11 AM – 5 PM today (3/22/13).  The Florida Triple Threat All Stars are also hosting a  car wash in the parking lot as a fundraiser.  To take it to another level Legends should advertise that they do these type of fundraisers so as to increase traffic to their establishment. They are showing all The NCAA Tournament games and they should be running specials while the games are on. The key is to stay proactive and promote all you do in your advertising.

Advertisement Ideas: Scoring With March Madness

In basketball the idea is to work the ball down the court and score. The goal is to win by scoring more points than your opponent. In business your goal is to attract more clients/customers than your competition. The question is how to you do this? Here are a few pointers.

1: Define who you are and the clients/customers you want to attract

2: Design an advertising campaign that creates a desire for people to do business with you

3: Look at marketing and advertising as a daily investment to grow your brand and attract and retain business

4: Be creative in your advertising and marketing – The idea is for you to stand out

5: Promote all you do on a regular basis

 Be an ALLSTAR with your advertising and marketing by making it a daily part of your business and allow your own madness to begin.

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