Advertisement Ideas: Confessions Of A Professional Marketer


Advertisement Ideas:Confessions Of A Professional Marketer!

 I must confess that I do not know everything, however I have come to learn that I know more than most when it comes to marketing.  I have observed that there are many people who have a great idea but have no clue as to how they are going to get people to buy into the idea and support their vision. I have had a very interesting week as far as dealing with people who wouldn’t know a marketing strategy if it came up and bit them on the butt.

 I received a call on Tuesday (3/12/13) from a gentleman about doing some media relations work for an event he was planning.I was very excited as the event was benefiting troubled teens and I am always open and receptive to helping children. I told him my rate, he initially agreed to pay the fee so I immediately began to work on the release. I delivered a proof to him via email only to have a scathing email sent back that he and his business associate were un impressed. I called and was told what I had delivered was crap(he actually used harsher language), I offered to rework the release and he told me he already did that. I asked him for partial payment a sI did put time into writing the original. He refused to pay saying I didn’t deserve anything. I did the right thing and sent a make good at no charge for at the end of the day I must be a man of integrity.

         I confess that I did do a rush job. I confess I broke my protocol which is to ask questions and peel back the onion so as to create an impactful release. The lesson learned here is to be as detailed oriented as possible and to get as much information to deliver what the client wants.  I will never take on a rush job again unless I have all the information.

 The marketing tip in this situation is to work with your client to know what they expect.  It is when you meet their expectations that you gain positive word of mouth advertising that will lead to new clients.  As a client be specific in what you want and make good on your promise to pay as this will give you positive word of mouth advertising. Remember it is a two-way street and in marketing in works both ways for if you don’t deliver on what you promised it looks bad for you and as a client who doesn’t pay for services rendered it hurts your reputation as everyone loves to talk. remember one oh crap will ruin 1000 at a boys.

 I had sent an email recently to a semi-pro football team about who I was and that I offered professional Public Address Announcing Services. I also called and left a message. They did not return the call. Today(3/16/13) I went to their website to check their schedule in hopes they had a home game as I was going to attend and make it a point to meet the owner. They had a bye so I called the owner’s contact phone number and she answered. I told her who I was and why I was calling. She made the excuse that I have heard so many times we are a first year team with a limited budget and didn’t think stretching for an announcer would be a good idea. I explained that in addition to being an announcer I also promote the teams that hire me. I asked her many marketing questions and did an over the phone audition and she agreed to use my services for her game next week.  The lesson learned here is to be persistent as you are building your brand and getting paid gigs.

  I must confess that I was surprised that the owner of the team did not have a marketing plan or a way to reach the general public. I believe that when you bring your idea to life that you must have a plan to reach the desired target audience you are looking for.  The key is to create a buzz and get people talking about your product or service. You should always be looking for ways to maximize your message. For example if you are in the general public have your information with you so if the opportunity arises to share you are prepared. I suggested to the team owner that she look at where the games are being played and then drive 5 miles to the East, to the West, to the North, and to the South, and seek places to put her literature.  This principle will work in most cases for all types of businesses as you never know who you might reach and resonate with.

 While in college I was a PR and Marketing Intern for this team and I must confess I did a great job as I shared information about the Team with everyone. I confess I was a bit annoying as I asked everyone within 3 feetof me a question, do you like basketball? If they said yes I gave them literature about the team and two free tickets to a game. This strategy worked and our attendance began to increase and by season’s end we went from 250 fans a game to well over 1,500.  In addition to handing out free tickets I would call the media and let them know about the team and all the great stories about our players. I remember one week we were playing The Rhode Island Gulls, who at the time had Mugsy Bogues on the team. Mugsy is 5’3″amd can dunk a basketball and has the fastest hands I had ever seen for a point guard. I called all the media and built up the idea that Mugsy was coming to play. Mugsy played one half and got injured and didn’t play the second half. The media attention we received was amazing. The stands were filled that night.

 I have come to the conclusion that if you are not aggressively marketing and learning by doing you will not achieve your goals and objectives for your business. My suggestions are:

1: If you do not have a marketing plan make one and adjust it as needed?

2: If you do not have all the details covered get them covered?

3: Put your plan into action by actively promoting your product or service.

4: Let people know who you are, what you do, and how you can be of service and value to them.

5: Talk to people and treat them with respect and dignity and they will do business with you.

6: Make good on your promises

This week, remember to promote everyday.



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