Advertisement Ideas: Donald Trump, You’re Fired!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Donald Trump, You’re Fired!!!

     Imagine if you could get on Celebrity All Star Apprentice with your product or service and give Donald Trump a hard time and then say to Donald Trump You’re Fired? Imagine the publicity you would get and how you can leverage your experience in your future advertising programs and in all your literature. It is when you do something a bit outlandish that you are remembered and in many cases you build an audience of people who will do business with you because they admire your boldness.  Donald Trump was given a gift from his father and parlayed that gift into what he is now. He has branded himself very well. There are those who really like him and those who do not however he is always in the forefront and garners much desired media attention. Look at his stunts he has been involved with:
 Who could ever forget Donald Trumps feud with Rosie O’Donnell. This feud gave both of them a lot of media attention.Think about who you might be feuding with and how this can be turned into a brand building opportunity. Her is South Florida Dolphin Carpet and Tile was feuding with Home Depot and both parties received much media attention showing once again that controversy creates cash.

 Donald Trump shaves Vince McMahon’s hair after a hair vs hair match that aired on a WWE Pay Per View with millions of viewers. True it was all scripted but think of how many people saw this and remember Trump for this.

 When Donald Trump declared and then recanted his candidacy for President it put him in the spotlight once again and showed the power of celebrity status. Think about ways you can become the celebrity in your area.

 Donald Trump further parlayed his celebrity status and strengthened his brand with The All Star Celebrity Apprentice. Think of ways you can leverage your status in the community to build your brand.

 Donald Trump has made this a catch phrase associated with him. What catch phrase is associated with you?

Advertisement Ideas: Other Memorable Icons Like Donald Trump

As Donald Trump has become a memorable icon in this day of celebrity  many others have also stood out some real and some fictional.Here are  my top 1o:

10:  Alfred E. Newman was the fictional character associated with MAD Magazine and continues to one of the most recognizable characters of his time.  What are people associating you with?

9:  For those that lived in New York the image and voice of Crazy Eddie became synonymous with low prices. What are you synonymous with?

8:  Ron Popeil was the first infomercial marketer and over the years he became very well know for his pitches and today he is consider the father of the infomercial. How are people referring to you?

7:  Billy Mays was the iconic presenter of many products from shamwows to oxyclean people bought the products pitched by Billy. Who is pitching your products or services.

6:  Jim Cramer has become known for his gimmicky financial report show. What gimmicks are you using to get recognized?

5:   These iconic characters continue to help to sell the sugary cereals that our children consume. Theses characters are as recognizable today as they were when 1st introduced. How are you holding up your image?

4:   Run DMC did for Adidas what Nelly did for Nike’s Air Force Ones creating a song about their respective footwear and making them desirable to the consumer. What would your song be?

3:  Notice these 4 guys? They are George, Paul, John, and Ringo A.K.A. The Beatles. They are credited with revolutionizing their industry? What are you doing to change your industry?

2:  Michael Jordan is considered by many to be the best basketball player to ever grace a basketball court.Most everyone recognizes him when he walks down the street how many people recognize you?

1:  Perhaps the most recognizable icons in advertising history is Ronald McDonald and The Golden Arches. Ronald is associated with fun and service. What are you associated with.

Advertising Ideas: Stand Out Like Donald Trump and The Icons Above

 The key is to stand out and become recognizable so people do business with you as opposed to your competitors. Make sure people know who you are by:

1:  Advertising Consistently each day there should be something about you and your business for the general public to see so when they seek your products and services they come to you first.

2: Be of Service and Value – Give customers/clients a memorable and positive experience so they will talk positively about you.

3: Use Testimonials When doing promotions and advertising use testimonials from those who are happy with your service or product.

4: Use Your Story To Leverage Your Sales – Remember that Facts Tell while Stories Sell. If you have a story that is relevant, resonating, and entertaining people will want to purchase your product or service.

5: Treat Everyone As A Potential Client/Customer- You never know who you may be speaking with so be prepared to hand everyone you come in contact information about your product or service and treat them pleasantly as you never know where business may come from.

As you continue to build your image look for ways to be remembered.




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