Advertisement Ideas: Put Yourself Out There!!!


Advertisement Ideas:Put Yourself Out There!!!



I sat at Starbucks today and my phone rang as I went to take the call I noticed a man with Possibility Thinker on his laptop. I went over and introduced myself and we began to talk he told me he was the National Sales Director for SiriusXM Radio and he asked me for my card. I went to my car retrieved my card and a copy of my demo cd. He took them and then gave me a VIP  card for free use for the year. I have always been a believer in putting yourself out there because you never know who you  might meet and who may be of value and service to you or how you might be of service and value to them. Many times people don’t interact and they lose out on major opportunities. I have learned you are not going to resonate with everyone and there are going to be those who are just not ready. This has led me  toa philosophy of Some Will, Some Won’t, Some Waiting, So What, Next. I continue to put myself out there because you never know where what you are doing will led or who you may come in contact with. By interacting with others you may lift them up and they may lift you up and as a result everyone wins.

 One way to win and to put yourself out there is through effective advertising.  Using a 3 foot rule, where you talk to all those who come in contact with you within 3 feet can be an effective way of advertising as you may resonate with those you approach.  having a plan to put you out there is very important as people will see who you are, learn what you do, and perhaps do business with you or recommend people to work with you.  Another great way to put yourself out there is to find publications that reach your target audience and purchase advertising and use the advertising space to tell your story because facts tell while stories sell. Putting ads on the internet, on radio, and TV are effective as long as you are reaching your target audience.

 When you put yourself out there it is important to stand out and do things differently. Today I was meeting with a potential advertiser for and I suggested she do a special ad announcing 11% off of services at her salon. She looked puzzled and I said while everyone else does 10% off you will stand out because you may be the only one making the offer of 11% Off. She liked the idea and asked me to stay a while, gave me a water and within 15 minutes I had given her many ideas to stand out.

1: I suggested since The Heat were going for their 17 win in a row that if they won she should offer services for $17.

2: Since she was Dominican I suggested she do a Dominican Heritage Day at the Salon

3: Since most people coming to the salon want a relaxing experience I suggested she get a couple of the personal massagers and put them on her waiting area chairs.

4: I suggested she go out into the community with business cards and approach ladies and ask where they get their hair done and mention if you ever seek to change come see me at my salon here is a card that gives you 11% off of any service.

When you are creative in your approach and willing to put yourself out there that you will reap many rewards.

 Be the leader by standing out, being creative,and proactive when you put yourself out there. A friend of Mine Heidi Richards Mooney produces a book each year with quirky marketing ideas and those that implement some of the ideas find themselves standing out as they put themselves out there.

This book has many great ideas and can really help you in putting yourself out there.

 In the coming days remember it is when you put yourself out there that you create synergy. Look for the clues that will help you to put yourself out there and create synergy in your personal and professional life.  The key is  to put fear aside and just start talking to people, place ads, and promote wherever and whenever you can. It is when you put yourself out there that you begin to experience more successes in all you do.

 Make a commitment to yourself to put yourself out there and to stand out and share your message with as many people as you can so as to enhance your professional life.  Until Next Time Be & Stay Positive!!!





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