Advertisement Ideas: Allstar Celebrity Apprentice Shows Value Of Contacts!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Allstar Celebrity Apprentice Shows Value of Contacts!!!

Trace Adkins and the other celebrities had been here before as they were past participants on The Celebrity Apprentice now it cam time to step it up for The Allstar Celebrity Apprentice. Trace was named a team captain and Brett Michaels was named a team captain and they chose sides. Trace I believe made the better choices as he knew the first task was going to be a fundraising task so he chose the people with the best money contacts. Trace’s team won the challenge and raised a record number of  dollars for his charity, The American Red Cross. As trace began to call his Rolodex he also made a bold decision to not open the restaurant to the general public and make it exclusive to the celebrity contacts. Trace’s plan worked as a donation for T. Boone Pickens of $100,000 came in and many other donations came in totaling over $400,000. the other team did a great job raising over $200,000, however in the end Brett Michaels was fired.  The lesson here is to leverage your contacts.


Advertisement Ideas: How To Leverage Your Contacts!!!

In watching The Allstar Celebrity Apprentice I learned that Donald Trump has a knack for leveraging his contacts. The question now is how do you leverage your contacts?

 Are you using your phone to call upon customers/clients that maybe you haven’t seen in a while? Are you using the phone to follow up with someone you met at a networking event.  By communicating with contacts you begin to build a network that can help you with your goals and objectives. This week make a list of 25 people who you will call to see how you can be of service and value to them.

 Do you know what services your contacts offer? Do they know what you offer? Are you on the top of their mind when they need the service you offer? Again keeping in contact with your contacts is important as you never know where it may lead.

 Are you interacting with your contacts through social media and engaging them? I recently was fundraising for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton, FL and I used social media to reach my contacts and many of them responded quite favorably. As a result of using my contacts I was able to secure over $200 in donations.

 Having face to face communication with your contacts is also a successful technique to leverage your contacts. I will use Relay for Life as an example once again as I did many face to face meetings for donations and raised $1358 bringing my total as of today to $1558. I am a strong believer in the concept eyeball to eyeball flesh to flesh especially with people you know. One on one in person meetings are great if both parties are being of service and value to one another.

Advertisement Ideas: Using Your Contacts to Build Your Brand


How many of your contacts have you asked for a testimonial? How many of your contacts are talking positively about you? How many of your contacts are giving you the thumbs up? How many have given you a thank you letter?

All of this is important because you can utilize the testimonials in promotional packages in your print media campaign, in your radio ads, in your TV Commercials, and across your social media platforms. Having written testimonials as well as video testimonials shows potential clients/customers how past or current clients/customers feel about you. using the testimonials properly will lead to strengthening your brand as people like to do business with those they know, like,and trust. A testimonial from a key contact will build that trust.

The key here is to leverage you contacts and have them speaking highly about you and your services.

 Using your contacts for lead generation will also help build your brand as you can ask them who do they know who can benefit from your product or services? In some cases doing a three-way call or having the contact introduce you gets your foot in the door and now the prospect is familiar with you and your brand.

 Co promoting with your contacts can also strengthen and build your brand. The idea is to find synergy with the contact and develop a campaign that makes sense and that will benefit everyone. For example you are a CPA and one of your contacts owns a restaurant you can create a program where you do a workshop on taxes at the restaurant and advertise it together. Finding way to collaborate will lead to success and a stronger brand.

Advertisement Ideas: Value Your Contacts


 Make a list of your key contacts and think who you will call that can be of service and value to you and who you could be of service and value to.  Start by knowing who are your contacts and what do they specialize in. Having a good contact list also helps in building your reputation as a go to person for assistance. When someone calls you about advertising advice if you have a contact that does advertising sales you can say I have John Smith who is an excellent advertising person who can help you let me call him and have you both connect.

This week use your contacts to build your business.



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