Advertisement Ideas: Stand Out By Honoring Commitments!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Stand Out By Honoring Commitments!!

The word commitment is defined as:

[ kə mítmənt ]
  1. responsibility: something that takes up time or energy, especially an obligation
  2. loyalty: devotion or dedication, e.g. to a cause, person, or relationship
  3. previously planned engagement: a planned arrangement or activity that cannot be avoided
Synonyms: promise, pledge, vow, obligation, assurance, binder, word, guarantee, warrant
      You may be asking yourself what does this have to do with advertising? The answer is simple  as you should pledge to yourself to be committed to strengthening your brand through advertising. In many cases entrepreneurs and marketing directors wonder why their ad campaign is not working and the answer is simple they did not honor their commitment to build their brand. I have been selling advertising for many years and I have heard let me try it once and see how it works. This approach is not effective, you might as well just through your money into a public place with your business card attached because a one time ad may spike traffic or make your phone ring, however the key in advertising is frequency and consistency. The idea is to be fully committed to the campaign and find the proper venues to advertise in that will be synergistic with your message and reach your desired target audience.
 When you make a commitment to promote your business you will see the positive results. I often visit my local Starbucks and have my business cards at the ready as you never know who you may meet and how you can be of service and value to each other. This is part of my commitment to promote who I am and what I do. Through this commitment to put myself out there I have picked up a few clients, secured announcing gigs, and strengthened my brand.
 Commitment is a component in business that is vital for your success be it through your commitment to promote your business, meet with people, or being of service and value. In many cases I have witnessed people who make plans to meet and at the last-minute have to reschedule and then they wonder why their business isn’t flourishing as it should. The level of commitment that you show to your business will determine how successful you will become.
 When you commit to building your business and allowing your spirit to shine you will see a great positive shift. It is when you honor commitments that you truly stand out. Many times the best advertising you receive is from customers/clients who admire your commitment to be of service and value to them.  Imagine you made an appointment with a potential client and then on 3 occasions rescheduled, what is this client left to think about your level of commitment? You may have lost them to your competitor because of the lack of commitment you showed because you didn’t value their time. Think about meetings you scheduled with people only to reschedule or back out thus leaving people to question your level of commitment. I recently realized that when you commit to do something you must make every effort to make good on the commitment.
 Everyday you want to be committed to building your business and attracting new clients/customers while also retaining existing clients/customers.  What programs are you committed to doing to maximize your message to achieve this?

Advertisement Ideas: How To Stand Out By Honoring Your Commitments!!!!

1: State your commitment and mission in your advertising – Think about how the people seeing, watching, or hearing your advertisement will react when they know that you are committed to delivering high quality service with outstanding products and services.

2: Use Testimonials in your ads that speak of the level of commitment shown to your clients/customers

3: Post letters and awards around your office or in your business showing the commitment you make to your customers/clients and the community.

4: Have pictures of customers who have shown gratitude for your commitment to be of service and value.

5: Give your undivided attention to the customer/client you are working with so as to show them how much you care and appreciate their business.

6:  When you say you are going to meet with someone at a specific time be on time and be ready to commit to giving the other person your full attention.

7: If you say you will call at a certain time make that call.

8: If you tell an advertising executive you will advertise honor that commitment.

9: Commit to plan your work and work your plan – people will see this and be more attracted to do business with you.

10: Commit to deliver what you promise.

When you honor your commitments you will stand out and thus have success.


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