Advertisement Ideas: Dominick’s Pizza: What Not To Do!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Dominick’s Pizza: What Not To Do!!!

 Those of you who read this blog know my affinity for Pizza and you also know my passion about promoting Pizza Restaurants that treat me right when I am asking for help with Relay For Life. Well this is an example of what not to do as illustrated by my recent trip to Dominick’s Pizza. It was about 1:15 PM in the afternoon on a Friday I was out collecting for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton and walked into Dominick’s Pizza and was promptly told “We are not interested,” to which I replied I guess you’re not interested in selling me 2 slices of pizza a garden salad and a unsweetened iced tea. I was told no and to leave the restaurant. I guess my purchase and the good will I would have brought to them wasn’t important. Each person I shared this with said the same thing oh Dominick’s their tough.  So The lesson here is to realize everyone who walks through your doors is important and has the potential to be a customer and create new customers. Dominick’s gets a fail in this department and will not be receiving any of my business.

 The guy’s at Dominick’s forgot this lesson.I have heard the service is bad but the food is so good. This shows you that people will go to a place despite the level of service. Me personally I want the entire package to be treated well with the food being good. As many of you know I order from my local Hungry Howie’s because of their support of my efforts with Relay for Life a few years ago in Sunrise. I also like the fact that when I walk in I am greeted by name. I visit Starbucks in my local community frequently and again am treated nicely and thus continue to go back.  I support those businesses that are open to listening about Relay for Life even if they do not give. Those that are not supportive or who get belligerent do not and will not see my business. Many people seeing this will say JDOGG they don’t really need your business they will replace it with others. This may be true, however let’s do some math, I am in Boca about 2-3 times a month I usually buy lunch out so if I become a once a month customer and spend $20 with you over the year this is $240 that you can earn not to mention all the people I will talk to about your place in a positive manner. So Dominick’s next time someone comes into your place try greeting them with a friendly hello even if they are seeking support of a charitable cause. The moral of this post is that you never who you are speaking with and the influence he or she may have.  When you deliver good customer service you tend to increase revenue. When you help a charitable cause you tend to increase visibility and revenue as many will return the favor when they hear that you supported an event like a Relay For Life. Read the following and you will see that Dominick’s really missed out by not being receptive. We had a Pizza Lap Sponsored by Papa John’s, A Pizza Eating Contest sponsored by Mizner Plaza Pizza, A Pizza Party Sponsored by Domino’s and these entities were promoted to over 400 people in attendance at Relay.

What Is A Relay Event?

  • Organized, overnight community fundraising walk
  • Teams of people camp out around a track
  • Members of each team take turns walking around the track
  • Food, games and activities provide entertainment and build camaraderie
  • Family friendly environment for the entire community

Now think about it how could your business benefit from supporting this event? Well in addition to the tax deduction, you get to promote your business to people who live and work in the community, you get to use photos and videos from the event in your advertising. Think of an Ad Mizner Plaza Pizzeria is a Proud Supporter of Relay For Life. Congratulations to The Pizza Eating Contest Winner__________________.

Mention Relay and receive $1 dollar of any order of $10 or more. By getting involved in community events and letting the community know through your advertising you will strengthen your brand and increase your revenue. It is easier to keep your customers than it is to replace them.

 This week strive to be outstanding when it comes to customer service by remembering yu never know who is walking into your place of business or you may be talking to on the phone.



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