Advertisement Ideas: It’s All About Connections


Advertisement Ideas: It’s All About Connections


When one thinks of advertising they generally think newspaper, magazine, radio, or TV and they forget about one of the most intgral part of promoting their business and that is getting in front of people and making connections. As I attended Jacqueline JLOVE Jackson’s Book launch for The 7 Soul Seeds on 2/9/13 I was speaking to someone I had met before, Michael Rosenfeld of True Success Coaching, and by listening and and being attenitive he gave me a contact for my voice over work. As I left the event I thought all the way home that it is all about connections.

     What JLOVE and Michael taught me was that inorder to be successful in your business you must get out in the community and begin to make connections and be of service and value to those connections. They also taught me that when you are of service and value to others you will attract the business and the people that resonate with your message. JLOVE is creating a movement that will empower and inspire woman to reach their full potential as she is seeking sponsors to purchase her book and have the book donated to several woman shelters.You can visit www.7soulseeds.com to participate in this program.

 I have learned that when you resonate with your connections that they will support your efforts. I am currently working on raising $1500 for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton and have raised $922 as of this writing. My connections have been supportive and I continue to reach out to the connections and explain to them that when they make a donation at http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogglederman and make a donation to include their name, their company name, and their website and then include the fact that they made a donation in their marketing material.  This is another great way to leverage connections as you can invite all your connections to follow suit with a donation and show them how being of service and value can help them improve their business.

  Last year I proved how great things happen when you leverage your connections as I hosted The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Awards to raise funds for The Reaching Out To Cancer Kids (R.O.C.K.) Program. The event was attended by 40 people who I had a personal connection with and we raised over $250 for The R.O.C.K. Program and learned from some amazing speakers. The lunch was sponsored by Subway and the deserts were sponsored by Chocolate Luxuries. The best part about it was that people connected and many have helped each other to grow their respective businesses. Again this shows you that it is all about connections.


Advertisement Ideas: Tools To Make The Connection

 Now it is up to you to start to make the connection. Connections can be found almost anywhere as everyone has something to offer or may know someone who can benefit from your products or services.

1: The 3 Foot Rule – As an outgoing person I find it very easy to speak to people. I make it a point to have my business cards with me at all times so I can share with those within 3 feet of me. I have used this principle to share The Jaycees with people, to share my involvement with Relay For Life, my professional work, and other endeavors. In most cases people are receptive and open and listen, however there are those who don’t yet understand that we are all connected and can be of help to each other. I used this pricnciple about a year ago while at Starbucks and it landed me a paid EMCEE GIG  with Florida International University to do their Tri-athalon.

2: Attending Networking Events – Choosing which networking events to attend or to have a booth at can be difficult as you never know whoyou may meet or where business may come from. With that in mind I suggest you attend those events that resonate with you.  If you are unable to attend these events find someone who you trust to go and represent your company and pay their entry fee and give them a fee for attending the event and then have them submit to you who they met and what was discussed so you can follow or have them follow up. One of the services I offer is to do this where you give me some key points about your business, I make the connection, and then I do the follow up. Having a professional to do this for you allows you to build your brand and to make more connections that will lead to more business.

3: Sponsor or Volunteer With A Charity – One of the best things you can do is to get involved in a charitable endeavor. The reason is that you and the other volunteers share a comon interest and it makes the approach to make a business connection that much easier and people like to do business with those they know, like, and trust. I volunteer with The American Cancer Society and as a result have secured a few paying emcee gigs as the people saw me heard me and liked what I did as the emcee. I volunteer with The Lauderhill Broncos and as a result I was hired to be The PA Announcer for The Sean Taylor Classic and The Pop Warner Regional Tournament. By being involved in the community you will make connections that can help you in your efforts to enhance your personal and professional life.

 I leave you with the song Rainbow Connection to remind you that it is all about making  a connection.  This week make connections and find a way to be of service and value.


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