Advertisement Ideas: Be Open To Receive!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Be Open To Receive!!!

   In his seminars the first thing Rev. Ernest Chu teaches is the concept of being open to receive. As I thought about this concept I began to think how many businesses may be struggling because they are not open to receive. So many times when it comes to advertising and marketing a business will respond with a programmed response I am not interested, or it is not in my budget, or I tried something like that before and it did not work. Do you see the pattern here? Each response contains a closed word such as not. Each time you say not or turn away from an opportunity you may be closing yourself and your business off from receiving better name recognition, more revenue, and a positive reputation in the community.  In today’s market place it is important to understand that everyone you come in contact with can be of value and service to your business.

 By declaring that you are open to receive you are opening up yourself and your business to a whole new realm of possibilities. You will be asked to take risks and see what the outcome brings. Now is the time to start doing things a bit differently and make yourself open to receive. The key is to listen to all the advertising opportunities that come to you and then choose where you want to invest your marketing dollars. It is important to know who your target audience is, what they read, what they watch, and what they listen to, what web sites they frequent and more so as to create a funnel where you are open to receive and your clients/customers are open to receive. One facet that many businesses overlook is that every client is in a different phase of the buying cycle so when you place ads you should be aware of who you are reaching and does your message have a strong call to action that stresses I am open to receive your business and help you to enhance your personal and  professional life with my products or services. Do you answer the question of what pain or challenge does this take away for the client/customer.

  Advertisement Ideas: Ways to Convey That You Are Open To Receive

When you choose to invest in advertising ask yourself  is my message one of welcoming and warmth? Ask your self what is the purpose of the ad? Is it to build my brand or drive traffic or both? Sometimes it is important to do a name recognition campaign so as to build your brand so when people think of you they have an understanding of who you are and what you do. In some cases it is necessary to advertise to drive traffic thus make sure your message conveys that. By being open to receive and conveying that message in your advertising you will be able to strengthen your brand and build revenue.

1: Promote what you are doing to be of service and value to your clients/customers.

2: In your ads show what sets you apart from others.

3: In your ads thank you existing clients/customers and welcome new customers/clients.

4: When you awake in the morning say I am open to receive and carry that belief with you in all you do and people will notice

5: Be welcoming to everyone who walks through your door or calls you on the phone.

Advertisement Ideas: Acting Upon Your Reception!!!!

  Now that you are open to receive it is time to take action on what you received. Ask yourself  what can I promote to be of service and value and attract the people I want to attract? If you have  testimonial from clients/customers use them. Show the reader, listener, or viewer the benefits and reasons to use you and your products or services as opposed to anyone else. The main thing to remember is that by having your name out in the market place on a daily basis and being open to receive you will begin to reap the benefits.

Define your purpose and your message, know who you want to reach, and be open to receive information on how to reach them.



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