Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Spirits in The Air and In The News


The following is a vision I had today as I wondered what it would sound like when I get introduced to share my knowledge of media relations with large groups,Ladies and Gentleman please welcome with me the top media specialist for spiritual entrepreneurs, he has secured media space for Barbara Theodosiou, Founder of The Addict’s Mom, Coach Shantel Springer, Founder of 100 Days of Gratitude, Dana Gore, Owner of Body of Fitness, and others, please welcome Jonathan “JDOGG”Lederman.  Then I began to think how important an introduction is and how it should speak of your accomplishments for it will build credibility with your audience. Your credibility and character are two of the top selling points you have when marketing yourself. If you have the credentials and you can back up the fact that you walk your talk you will start to garner media attention and before you know it people will say things like what they say about me, that is JDOGG The Spiritual Emcee and The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Media Specialist.

It took me a while to realize who my target audience is and who I should be helping and how I should be introduced. It is a process and one thing to realize is your introduction can create the mood and how you introduce yourself can open many doors with media contacts as you begin to give them information that is entertaining and relevant. I am asked how do you make your media releases entertaining. Again it comes down to the introduction, in this case the headline.

If you grab their attention and give them a few nuggets in the body of the release and leave them wanting more they will connect with you. Keep it interesting and you soon become the go to person in your area for quotes on stories regarding your area of specialization.  I equate it to being in a restaurant you smell or see a dish that is appealing you ask about it and many times order that dish, same thing with reporters if they read something that peaks their interest they will go with it.

This week as you go about your business think of catchy ways you can appeal to the media and unique things about your business that stand out and then promote, publicize, and advertise.

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