Advertisement Ideas: How To Make Your Advertising Work!!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: How To Make Your Advertising Work!!!

I have been involved in advertising and marketing for over 20 years from selling advertising to being a production coordinator I have seen all types of advertising and I have heard all types of excuses. The biggest excuse I hear is my advertising didn’t work. This prompted me to write this blog how to make your advertising work.

 The first component is to have a catchy headline as the idea is to grab the audience. I remember when I was in college we designed an ad that read in big bold letters SEX and then in small letters underneath it read of both kinds will be attending Coffee and Donuts Night on Wednesday from 7- 9 PM at Hofstra USA. We had one of our largest turnouts that night. I remember when I joined The Coral Springs Jaycees we did a fundraiser we called it TOPLESS CAR WASH and the signs read TOPLESS CAR WASH $1.99 we do the top for $.01 it was a bit misleading but people thought it was cute and we raised over $500 in the day for our cause.

The right headline will grab your audience!!!!

 Creating a logo with a memorable slogan and using it across all of your advertising and marketing consistently will help in making your advertising work. People associate logos and a strong message with a strong company. Think about it here we are 50 years after Alka Seltzer introduced their Plop Plop Fizz Fizz What A|Relief It Is Campaign and what brand do most people reach for when they have some indigestion?

Advertisement Ideas: JDOGG’S Top 10 memorable Advertisements

10: Coca Cola – The Real Thing Teach The World To Sing
9: Kentucky Fried Chicken- It’s Finger Lickin’ Good
8:Budweiser- The Frogs-
7: The Geico Gecko-
6: Dominos- Avoid The Noid-
5: The Ticket Clinic- The Annonying Kid
4: Maxwell House- Good To The Last Drop-
3: Wendy’s – Where’s The Beef
2: Dr. Pepper – I’s A Pepper
1: Johnson and Johnson- I am Stuck On Band Aid-
What all these commercials have in common is that even after many years they are remembered and the brand recognition that there slogans created keep them on the top of the mind of the consumer. By creating a creative ad campaign that is placed properly you wil effectively find ways to make your advertising work.

Advertisement Ideas: Using Iconic Figures to Make Your Advertising Work!!!!

          Having an iconic figure that will appeal to a vast audience  will help in mkaing your advertising work. Even if you are a small business owner it is important to have something that will resonate with your target audience and draw their attention so that they will remember you. Many times it is you who becomes the iconic figure as you begin to create a personal brand.

Advertisement Ideas: Components To Make Your Advertising Work!!!

We have touched on slogans, content, taglines, iconic figures, however the most important thing to have to make your advertising work is a call to action. The idea here is to create a response by having a strong offer or giving the consumer a reason to respond. Think about what problem your product or service solves and how you are going to convey your message and how you are going to get the consumer to respond. The reason most advertising works is that it takes away a pain of one kind or another.

Advertisement Ideas:  Choosing The Right Venue To Make Your Advertising Work!!!!

    One of the biggest challenges in making your advertising work after you have designed an ad with a catchy headline, a strong tag line, a great call to action is to decide what advertising venues should you use. Should it be print, electronic, or social to maximize the message? I recommend a good mix with the right venues that will reach your target audience. One of the big aspects it to stay consistent with the message and to evaluate what will give you the biggest return on your investment. Knowing who your audience is and what publications, radio and tv stations, and social media platforms target that audience will make your advertising work. The key is to maximize your message in the right place.

 This is a United States Basketball Team that no longer exists however when they were playing at SUNY Old Westburry I had the pleasure of being a public relations intern. One of my responsibilities was to devise an advertising program that would work. I formed a partenership with COORS, who at the time had Ted St. Martin, who held The World Record For Most Free Throws Made in a 24 hour period of Time on their promotional roster, to do personal appearances and then to do an exhibition during halftime. We made up fliers and we went to universities around the area and gave away tickets. That night we set the attendance record for the season as over 4,000 fans came to the game. We used the theme BE A SHARP SHOOTER with The Long Island Knights, come Meet Ted St. martin The Coors Light Sharp Shooter, at Suny Old Westburry, Suny Stony Brook, and Hofstra University, win free tickets to the game.  This campaign included all the components metioned in this article and it shows that you can make your advertising work.

This week as you market and promote your business look for ways to make your advertising work.

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