Advertisement Ideas: Dominate Your Industry Like ESPN, & CNN!!!!



Advertisement Ideas: Dominate Your Industry Like ESPN & CNN!!!!

When most consumers were asked to name their top sources for sports or news ESPN and CNN ranked in the top spots respectively. ESPN has built a brand that is synonymous with sports and has expanded through the development of niche markets with networks like ESPNU that focuses on college sports, and shows like Around The Horn, Pardon The Interruption, and Sports Center to dominate the marketplace and be the leader in their industry. CNN has become the #1 news source for people as they continue to meet the demands of their viewers. This led me to the question of How Can You Dominate Your Industry like ESPN and CNN?

 The first step to dominating your industry is to be of service and value. Ask yourself what do I give my clients that no one else does and how do I deliver this in my message? I patronize a local barber shop, A Perfect Cut, because the owner Ray delivers great customer service and does an awesome job. His knowledge of his industry sets him a part from others as he markets himself as a professional certified barber with a shop that brings you back to the day when the barbershop was the information center and the place everyone gathered. As a result of giving a quality haircut as a reasonable price being of service and value has created loyalty and support for Ray’s shop and makes him a leader in his industry.

 The second step is to understand who your client/customer is and how you are going to get your message to them. What game plan have you drawn up to follow to reach success?  When you begin to understand your desired target audience you will begin to be able to implement effective startegies that will attract them to you and thus strengthen your brand and build your revenue.

 The third step in dominating your industry is knowing how to effectively use social media so as to maximize your message.  If you do not have a presence in social media you need to begin to create a consistent message and promote it across the social media platforms by sharing information that your desired target audience will be interested in and thus create a desire for them to do business with you.

Advertisement Ideas: Qualities to Dominate Your Industry Like ESPN & CNN!!!!

 Creativity is the Key. Look at the many innovative concepts that ESPN introduced to enhance their presentation and to to retain their audience. CNN was the first to introduce the scroll across the bottom of the screen. What are you doing to engage and keep your clients/customers?  Sometimes it is just a matter of looking at what is happening around you and coming up with an idea to capitalize on. For example I know many people watch NFL football and are looking to help charitable causes thus I created POINTS FOR THE CURE!!!, where people agree to donate $.25 per point their team scores and then visit and make their donation. Each week I post on my Facebook account, twitter account, and linked in account. This shows people that  I am giving something back to the community and thus they want to do business with me. They also see the creativity that I have and thus seek creative ideas to build their brand.

 If you truly are to hit a home run and dominate your industry you will want to be authentic and deliver on what you promise. People do business with people they know, like, and trust  so get them to know you, like you and trust you by being your authentic self. The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

 These 9 traits will help you to dominate your industry as people will see that you possess these traits and will be attracted to you.

    The keys to dominating your industry and being #1 like ESPN and CNN are to know who your target audience, market effectively to them, be of service and value, be consistent with your message, and be authentic.

 This week find ways that you can be the best and lead your industry and become The ESPN and CNN in your market place.

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