Advertisement Ideas: Zig Ziglar and Goethe Inspire Greatness


Advertisement Ideas: Zig Ziglar and Goethe Inspire Greatness

    The other day I was sitting in my clubhouse and a young man who was servicing the machines asked me what I did and I help people to Jump Start Their PR and Maximize Their Message with proven Marketing Strategies. He proceeded to tell me about  a Limousine Service that he and his partner were starting. He asked if I can be of help and I said I get $100 for an hour consultation and help you develop a marketing plan. He stated he would check with his partner and what did the $100 get them. I again stated I help with a marketing plan. I asked him what his target audience was and he said he didn’t know.  My reaction is always the same to that answer how are you going to attract clients if you don’t know who your clients are going to be?

RULE #1 When starting your business Know Your Target Audience

Advertisement Ideas: Richard Branson’s Rules For Achieving Greatness

 Each time I see this from Richard Branson I think wouldn’t it be great if everyone associated with a service oriented business adhered to these ideals.

Advertisement Ideas: Being Great In All You Do!!!

 As a business owner it is important to instill the concept and be perceived as being a hard working dedicated to being of service and value and achieving greatness in all that you do.  The key is to be consistent in all you do from your public relations, to marketing, to customer service, to advertising.  Ways to be great in all you do:

1: Public Relations- Let your target audience know who you are, what you do and why they should do business with you.

2: Marketing – Have a strong and consistent message that is easily associated with your business

3: Customer Service – Value everyone who ever comes into or calls your business. Build relationships as people will forget what you said or did but they will remember how you made them feel.

4: Advertising – Place ads in places that will reach your target audience.

    It all comes back to knowing who you want to do business with and formulating ways to reach those people. If you do not know who you want to attract you will spend countless hours and money to no avail and wonder why you are not achieving the success you want to achieve.For example your target audience is moms aged 25-54, earning over $150,000 + annually youa re not going to market in Men’s Journal you are going to check out a website like  There are many ways to reach your target audience once you define it.

 For example one of my target audiences is local amateur and professional sports teams as I do public address announcing so I make a list of local schools who play competitive sports and call the athletic director to set up a meeting to discuss using my services as an announcer.  I also search and look for new teams that may be coming into the area. I did this when I heard about The Miami Spice of The Bikini Basketball Association,, and I connected with them and in 2013 I will be their voice for their home games..

RULE #2: Reach Your Target Audience

If you seek assistance in defining your target audience and ways to reach them book a session with me by calling 954-254-8227.



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