Advertisement Ideas: Hello America, Time To Wake Up!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Hello America, Time To Wake Up!

As I was out collecting yesterday (11/2/12) for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of West Boca Raton I stopped by Grande Pizza and met Jeff, the General Manager who represents the owner, I asked him to make a donation. His initial response was no I am not in a position to do so and I told him I was only asking for $5 he continued to make every excuse and then finally giving me the $5 I asked for and saying his father passed away from the complications of having cancer. I thanked him and handed him the card with the 1-800-acs-2345 number, which is a 24 hour a day 7 day a week hotline that people touched by cancer can call. I left thinking Hello America, Time To Wake Up!!!!. It is time to wake up to the fact that if you are in business and you want to succeed you are going to have to be open and receptive to giving or at least listening and getting to know the person that is asking for your support.

For example in my case I walk into your business you don’t know me and you immediately use your programmed response I am not interested or I am not in a position to help and you lose an opportunity to learn about the fact that I host an Internet Radio Show and I do Shout Outs to businesses that support my effort and have a listenership of over 600 people each week, or that I have over 2,100 friends on Facebook, a Facebook group, and over 1,500 followers on twitter, as well as a large network on linked in. So you say no and I say thank you and you never get the opportunity to build a relationship that can enhance your business.  For Jeff at Grande Pizza he will get the $5 back from as the next time I am in that area I am stopping in for a couple of slices and an iced tea. In addition I will be encouraging people  when they are on 18th street just West of Military Trail to stop into Grande Pizza and support them. Any business that has ever supported my efforts with charity has benefitted in some form. There is Lou Bachrodt Cheverolet who supported a Holiday Shopping Spree I hosted for many years with The Jaycees and as a result when it came time to buy a car I bought my car from them. I am a strong believer in helping those that help you and I have seen first hand what can happen when a business partners with a charity and creates advocates for their business. Ask yourself the next time some comes into your business or calls your business  what can I do for them to be of  service and value?


As a business person you must wake up to the fact that everyone walking through the door of your business or calling on your business is a potential advocate for your business. The time is now to wake up and stop making excuses.  I have heard it all when I go out collecting and promote The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton and ask for small donations and I have overcome them all as there is not an excuse nor a legitimate reason why any business can not support the community.

Advertisement Ideas: Hello America, Time To Wake Up!

Overcoming Excuses

1: I hear all the time oh I don’t have cash on me- I answer no problem here is the link to my site where you can make an online donation.

2: I get responses like I don’t like to donate online- I answer no problem here is the address where you can send a check or money order.

3: I only have some loose change – That’s great you can put it in the canister.

4: Our budget is spent as we have given to many charities this year – No Problem I applaud you for supporting those charities. I am not looking for much even $1 will help create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

5: I don’t like The American Cancer Society – Sorry to hear that as we are saving lives through research, education, advocacy, and services.

6: All the money goes to administration – Sorry you believe that because only 6.4% of all monies go to administrative costs and The American Cancer Society is one of the top rated Non-Profits when it comes to the The Dollars Raised to Patient Services Ratio.

The lesson learned here is to wake up and be informed. Think about it what does a new customer represent to your business? An easy way to attract new business is to become aligned with a charitable cause and then leverage that involvement through your public relations.

The problem people is not that people aren’t spending money they are and they are spending money with those they perceive to be giving back to the community. It is time for you as a business to wake up and be perceived as the business that really cares about the community.

Advertisement Ideas: Hello America, Time To Wake Up!!!!!  Success VS. Struggles

Why is it that 2 similar businesses can operate with in the same city and one is successful and the other  Struggles. The best illustration I can give of this is my encounter with Hungy Howie’s in Plantation and Mr. Pizza in Sunrise. I went into Hungry Howie’s and introduced myself to Gabe as a volunteer with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Sunrise  and asked if he could sponsor our Pizza Lap and donate 5 large cheese and 5 large pepperoni pizzas in return for some promotion, he said yes and guess what ever since I have been ordering from his store. They not only have pizza they have salads and other items as well. On the other hand I called Mr. Pizza and then stopped in to see Steve, who immediately began with the I am not interested the economy really hurt us and you are asking me for over $150 in product. I answered Steve in reality I am asking you for about $50 in product as 10 pies cost about $4.50 – $5.00 each to prepare and plus at the end of the day you usually have left over dough that you would throw out anyway. He began to question my knowledge of his business. Needless to say I don’t do business with his establishment. I asked Little Caesar’s and they said yes so I order from them every now and then.  The adage of you help me and I will help you is alive and well and now it is time for everyone to wake up and realize that by helping the community you help your business.

When word gets out that your business is helping the community people will be more apt to do business with you.  If you leverage your community involvement properly your brand recognition will be improved and your revenue will increase because people like to do business with those they perceive as giving back to the community.

As you advance in your business make sure you WAKE UP!!!!

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