Advertisement Ideas: Hey Mitt and Barack Stop The Mudslinging!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Hey Mitt and Barack Stop The Mudslinging!!!!

   This blog entry was brought on by the amount of people I hear complain about all the mudslinging going on in politics. I think it is time we put and end to all the mudslinging not only in politics but in all aspects of our society. Imagine if all politicians and all companies began to stand on their own merits and espouse the value and benefit of electing them or the using their product.  The mudslinging has trickled down so much that it has created a problem in schools and other activities as it has now become normal to bad mouth people. I have found that successful people do not need to bad mouth others. Successful people are able to build themselves up and show how they are of value and service to others. Part of the problem is that the general public begins to accept the mudslinging as normal and they become desensitized to it. Imagine id these two candidates came out and stated what their accomplishments were and what their plans are instead of bashing each other what would happen? This will not happen as the general public has bought into the idea that this is the way things are done. As a result IBM who makes a good product and Apple who makes a good product decide to tear each other down in their respective commercials and they both lose market share. We have seen this with Samsung as well poking fun at the competition with their commercials. Locally the mudslinging has trickled down to Home Depot and Dolphin Carpet and Tile as they now are both airing commercials that are negative.

   These companies have decided to go negative and as a result the consumer may be getting turned off and buying brands that may not be as prominent. The solution is to build yourself up and not worry about the competition. In a free enterprise system the consumer will drive the success of the brand if they perceive that you have a good product of value and service they will purchase from you. There is no need to go negative.

Oscar The Grouch is a loveable character who used to trash everyone on Sesame Street until one day he realized his grouchiness wasn’t serving him and he made a change. Is your business willing to make a change and stop trash talking the competition and begin to build your value and service? I have seen first hand the detriment that trash talking can be in the field of advertising sales as most of the publications in South Florida sell negatively against each other and then wonder why they are not flourishing. I worked for a  publication whose owner instructed me to sell negatively against competitors to which I said no and as a result was let go. The magazine is still in business however they continue to bash the competition and as a result lose out on some potential advertisers. I have always stated that if you have to go negative your product or service may not hold its own. I always train sales people to never bad mouth perceived competition, I instruct them to say they have a good product, however let me show you the benefits of our product. The key is to build a relationship and be perceived as the positive professional business, For example people would say I am advertising in x magazine and I would say I applaud and celebrate you for making a good positive marketing decision our publication has been in business for many years and we have a very loyal following, we participate in many community events and can be your ambassador in the community, we are directly mailed to homes and I know that our publication is being read by the reaction I receive when I enter a business such as yours. You do not have to bash or throw mud to find success.

 Years ago I had a coach, Coach Butler, at Plantation Middle School who had a saying Win With Pride Lose With Dignity that was painted on the wall of The Home Side of Our Gym. I remember him explaining that when you win you hold your head up and shake hands and congratulate the other team when you lose you hold your head up and congratulate the other team. He didn’t tolerate any type of trash talking even amongst ourselves. In business if you are going to be successful you are going to need to stop the mudslinging and begin to prove yourself on your own merits.

So Mitt and Barack how about stopping the mudslinging and showing some class and leadership to America and begin to show our society that mudslinging is not necessary and won’t be tolerated. Remember the saying if you don’t have something nice to say then do not say it. No one is asking politicians and business people to like each other we are asking that you respect each other. The key to building a better economy and making our country great is to start respecting others be it in politics, in business, or in school.

 Let’s take Aretha’s message and show everyone a little respect and stop the mudslinging.




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