Advertisement Ideas: Are You Media Worthy?


Advertisement Ideas: Are You Media Worthy?



When doing your story the important question to ask is are you media worthy? Most entrepreneurs have a great back story, however they forget to tell it and thus miss out on the media exposure as they may not believe it is media worthy. Every story you have to tell is media worthy. Remember it is not what you say but how you say it.  The steps to make your story media worthy are:

1: Frame Your Story – Like a picture you want to make sure your story is relevant, entertaining, and resonating. For example October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I lost a cousin and an uncle to breast cancer(yes men get breast cancer), I am involved in The Relay for Life, I have raised over $8,000 in the last 8 years, and in 2008 was awarded The Hope Award from The American Cancer Society South Palm Beach Unit. This year I implemented a fundraising program called Points For The Cure. Now I have framed the story.

2: Have A Catchy Headline With Keywords – After you frame the story you want to come up with a catchy headline that includes some keywords so when you put it out it will get picked up and looked at online and offline.

3: Write Your Story With Keywords – As you begin your story make sure you have keywords in the first sentence and through out the story so it will be ranked high in search engines as most publications now have digital versions online.

4: Proof the Story and Begin to Post Throughout All Your Platforms- Once you finish your story and you begin to post it you will see the results and you will begin to increase your worth in the eyes of the media.

Advertisement Ideas: An Example of Being Media Worthy

This article appeared in The Sunrise Forum both in print and online and is still in their archives as a result of using the above formula.


Community Rallies Behind Upcoming Relay for Life



April 27, 2011|CHRISTIANA LILLYclilly@tribune.com

Relay for Life was not a new concept to Jonathan “JDogg” Lederman when his mother was diagnosed with cancer, but it gave him renewed energy to walk the track.

Others like Lederman have been touched by cancer, whether a parent, child, sibling or grandparent, and it’s drawn the Sunrise community together every year.

“I thought it was the best way to honor my mom and honor people like my mom who are battling every day, so that really was an additional spark,” Lederman said. “I’ve always had great stories and now I have a story that truly resonates with people, because how many people’s moms have been touched by cancer.”

Sunrise’s Relay for Life is May 13 at Welleby Park, 11100 NW 44th St. For months now, teams have been raising money for the American Cancer Society. In the overnight event, at least one member of the team walks the track to honor those who have fought cancer. Also, each team sets up booths for the public to explore, playing games to raise more money.

Last year, the Sunrise event raised around $35,000; this year, they are hoping for $38,000, a goal that Officer Michelle Eddy thinks is attainable. The event chairperson and team captain for the Sunrise Police Department, she first got involved in the event when she was in college.

“It’s a good cause. I truly believe in it, and everybody’s been touched by cancer in some way, shape or form,” she said.

At press time, 26 teams were signed up, just below the goal of 30. This is the first Relay for Life in Sunrise for Lederman, and he said the sense of community is noticeable. Members of the city commission, city departments, restaurants, clubs and others are involved in the fight against cancer.

Tony and Jenny Doyle, the owners of Skyline Chili in Sunrise, extended a helping hand for the first time in November 2010. Both of Tony’s parents died from cancer, and the couple wanted to help the Relay teams. For a day, a portion of the restaurant’s revenue was given to the cause in “Chili for the Cure.” However, the owners continued the effort and have been having a fundraising night every month since, raising about $3,500. The next “Chili for the Cure” event is May 11.

“We’ve had some generous donations from customers,” Jenny said.

It was in 2009 when Lederman’s mother was diagnosed with inoperable metastatic lung cancer. It was just weeks before Relay for Life in Boca Raton, where he lived at the time, and he started planning for the next year. When he wasn’t working, he was out collecting donations. Now back in Sunrise, the Piper High School graduate goes out with a canister in the streets to collect money.

“If someone is within three feet of me I ask them for a donation,” he said.

It’s the donations he’s collecting and those from others that have helped cancer survivors, including his mother. In January, her scan came back clean, and she’s due for another follow up in the summer time.

“I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to be part of a committed group of individuals who understand what it’s like to touch lives,” Lederman said.

Visit RelayForLife.org/SunriseFl, or call Officer Michelle Eddy at 954-746-3383.

Remember it is not what you say but how you say it and how you present your story that will determine if you are media worthy.

 Jonathan JDOGG Lederman is The Spiritual Emcee Maximizing Your Message. He hosts an Internet Radio Show, Get Motivated With Jonathan JDOGG Lederman, which airs on Monday from 7-8 PM EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/hrafnstongradio. JDOGG has been involved with public relations for over 20 years and offers a special program, Jump Start Your PR, where he helps his clients to maximize their message through traditional and non-traditional means. He has won many awards including a Governor’s Point of Light Award, A Junior Chamber International Senatorship, The 2008 Hope award from The American Cancer Society South Palm Beach Unit, and the 1995 John H. Armbruster Memorial Award as one of The Top 5 Jaycees in America. He can be booked to speak at 954-254-8227.


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