Advertisement Ideas: Jump Start Your Public Relations


Advertisement Ideas: Jump Start Your Public Relations

 Like your car battery many times you will need a Jump Start for Your Public Relations. Public Relations is often a component of business that goes unnoticed or unpracticed because a business owner may not understand the intrinsic value of a good public relations campaign. A good effective public relations campaign can help not only to increase brand awareness but also drive business and expand revenue.

Public Relations is not something you do in the face of a crisis it is something you do everyday to build your image. It is a practice that when used properly to convey your message will help you increase your market share. The goal of a good public relations campaign is to put you on top of the consumers mind.  In my coaching sessions I often ask what is your public relations strategy? Many times I am told I don’t have one. I feel like doing the Family Feud Buzzer and shouting Wrong Answer. Every business be it a single owned and operated entity or a large corporation needs to have a public relations strategy. Without one you might as well shut the doors and cut the losses. I am told many times by people I don’t need public relations my business is fine and I do everything word of mouth. Hello, word of mouth is public relations and every customer interaction can increase or decrease your sales and the perception of your brand.  When you sit down to do your public relations strategy you should consider the following:

1: What is my core message?

2: How do I want to convey that core message?

3: What is the mission of the public relations campaign?

4: What is the budget for the public relations campaign?

5: How will I plan, implement, and evaluate the public relations campaign?

 With public relations your goal is to reach your target audience and entice them to do business with you and to recommend that others do business with you. To do this you must ask yourself how am I being perceived on the market place, what type of reputation do I have, how am I conducting myself with every interaction? These are important questions to ask as they will answer why your business may be off. This year as I offered my services to many businesses I have heard the economy this the economy that. I replied it is not the economy it is you to which many business owners had a negative response. I stated to ask what public relations strategy are you using? I was told I don’t do public relations I can not afford to, to which I said you can not afford not to.  The key to jump starting your public relations is to understand that it is an important component of your business and it can be done easily and daily.

Advertisement Ideas:  10 Strategies To Jump Start Your Public Relations

1: Create and send stories to your local media outlets that create a buzz about your business, for example you just expanded and can now serve more people,  you just added a new product,  you received a special certification, or you donated a large sum to a charity.

When dealing with Newspapers or Magazines speak to the section editor or overall editor. When speaking to Radio Stations speak with the General Manager, the Program Director, or Community Outreach Person. When dealing with TV Stations speak with producers and assignment editors.

2: Create fun and interactive programs on your website such as share your experience and win a gift card or leave us your name and email address for a free 10 step guide to (insert topic here).

3: Align yourself with charitable organizations and run specials to support them.

4: Use social media to communicate relevant, entertaining, and resonating promotions

5: Sponsor youth sports programs

6: Have a presence at Trade Shows and Networking Events

7:  Have business cards with you at all times as you never know who you may come in contact with

8: Create a blog that is tied to your industry and then invite people to read and visit

9: Hold a press conference where you invite the media and feed the media and you announce something of importance as it relates to your business

10: Create a recognition program for your customers.

There will be more discussed on the upcoming conference call.

 This is what Coach Shantel Springer wrote recently about me. “Jumpstart your PR in 30 Days”!! Jonathan “J Dogg” Lederman is a Media Genius, he landed me in my local newspaper and I received access to his “million dollar” media list . If you want to get your business in front of the media and new potential clients, Jonathan is your guy. Don’t miss his FREE  Tele-Class on 10/16/12 at 7 PM  dial into Jumpstart Your PR at 1-605-477-2100 pin 131099# — with Jonathan Lederman.

Remember that public relations is not a sometime thing it is an everyday thing!!!

Advertisement Ideas: Quotes About Public Relations

F. Scott Fitzgerald: You don’t write because you want to say something; you write because you’ve got something to say.

My view is different. Public relations are a key component of  any operation in this day of instant communications and rightly inquisitive  citizens. Alvin  Adams

Woody Allen

“It is not enough that a man has clearness of vision, and reliance on sincerity, he must also have the art of expression, or he will remain obscure

As you can see by these quotes public relations is an important catalyst in all your business dealings. As you begin to look for ways to build your business make public relations a part of them.

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