Advertisement Ideas: You Have An Attitude Problem


Advertisement Ideas: You Have An Attitude Problem



Everyone is so quick to judge and say hey you have an attitude problem that they are missing out on opportunities to make a positive difference in their personal and professional life.  I was exploring the attitudes of those in business that I perceive to be successful and I have found that they are positive, non-judgmental, and are open to receive. I believe that many times an entrepreneur who blames the economy or other factors and doesn’t look for the opportunities as they are being presented and puts up excuses and blockages often finds themself in a heap of trouble.  I have seen many entrepreneurs in the last year struggle not for anything else but because of their attitude.One entrpreneur was complaining and bad mouthing his competition and I began to think if that is how he speaks about them how is he speaking about me, as a result I stopped doing business with that person and when I see that person it is a cordial hello and nothing else as his negativity is not something I choose to engage in. I have been told on several occasions by people you have an attitude problem and I say thank you for pointing that out. I have an attitude that in some case may rub someone the wrong way as I am extremely outgoing, I am overly confident, and I speak my mind for some they just don’t how to handle this for others appreciate it and applaud and celebrate it, which has led to my idea of Some Will, Some Won’t, Some Waiting, So What, Next.  I have learned that I will not resonate with everyone, however those that I do resonate with will want to do business with me. To those that choose not to for whatever reason I say their loss.


I have often stated it is the person that has an attitude of gratitude and appreciates the opportunity to engage with others that will have the most success. In their book MO Lauren Anderson and Shawn Doyle show examples of people with motivations whose positive attitude has definitely created altitude in their life. I am reminded of the story of Walter McNeil age 76 who is known Wally The Beerman, he does his job with such zeal that many flock to him just to buy from him. He has endeared himself to many fans and has been invited to celebrate wedding anniversaries and birthdays at the stadium with the fans. He has his own bobble head doll.


The reason for bringing up Wally is to illustrate that many times regardless of the position we find ourselves in we can have a positive attitude and enjoy our life.


I first learned about Johnny The Bagger at The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Leadership Summit when Barbara Glanz told the story about Johnny. Johnny has down syndrome and didn’t think he could make a difference for the customers until he had the idea of doing Johnny’s Positive Thought of The Day. One day his manager noticed a long line at Johnny’s register and asked the customers if they wanted to go to another line and they all said no that they wanted Johnny’s thought of the day. One customer stated she used to shop only once a week but now stops by 2-3 times a week to make a purchase and to receive Johnny’s Thought of The Day.  The manager was so moved by what Johnny was doing that he begin to give away the flowers they used to discard to elderly customers and children. The entire shift in attitudes has led this store to reach new heights in sales and customer service. At the end of the presentation we were given paper bags with a note that read how will you be like Johnny The Bagger Today?

While you are conducting your business think about how you can be like Wally The Beerman, Johnny The Bagger, and others who create a positive environment through their actions. You have the power to  become successful simply by adjusting your attitude.


 I hope this video moves you as much as it did me and compel you to change your attitude when things seem tough.

 A powerful story of how overcoming adversity can lead to inspiring an entire nation.

 In an ever-changing world we as business people can cultivate an environment of caring that will lead to better brand awareness and more revenue so we can give back and inspire others.  It is when we change our attitude that we find more successes. If you are blaming the economy or others take a breath and see how you can change your attitude.

May you find much success in all that you do as you change your attitude. There is so much inspiration available to create a positive experience for you personally and professionally all you have to do is recognize that you may have an attitude problem and you can change that. This week make adjustments and then share how those adjustments helped your personal and professional life.



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