Advertisement Ideas: Show Me The Money!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Show Me The Money!!!!


We all remember the scene from Jerry McGuire when Cuba Gooding Jr’s character tells Jerry McGuire(Tom Cruise) Show Me The Money. Well in advertising and marketing this philosophy is the same. The key is for your campaigns to show you the money. The initial ad or marketing project may not reap money right away as it takes 6-8 touches of the consumer before they make the decision to purchase your product or service.

Your advertising and marketing should compliment each other and convey a strong message that creates a desire in the consumer to do business with you.  I have encountered many business people who will cut back on their marketing and advertising when it appears things are slow  and then wonder why they lose market share or go out of business.  The fact is that at some point during your business you will need to effectively advertise and market.

 In the past Starbucks marketing department said that they would not advertise as their audience was finding them simply by driving by and word of mouth, well that recently changed as they introduced Starbuck’s Refreshers and are now doing a major TV Campaign to promote that line. As a result they have seen a spike in their daily sales again showing them the money derived from advertising. Starbucks continues to have a strong brand due to their consistent in-house marketing and now their outside marketing and advertising campaigns.

When deciding on doing a promotion you should analyze the cost as you also measure the value. Remember that marketing and advertising is an investment.  There are questions to ask like how many people will the promotion reach, what demographic will it reach, how long will the promotion last and how will I benefit by being part of the promotion. For example is hosting an event from November 17 – December 24 at The Westfield Broward Mall in Plantation, FL. The  event runs for 5 weeks with special promotions everyday and many added bonuses for a sponsor. The event is expected to draw over 1 million people mostly mothers between 25-54 earning over $80,000 with 2 children. The cost of a sponsorship is $1,250 and you get to decorate a tree and promote your business and the charity that you are supporting.  Think about it for $250 per week you get to be seen in the mall by potential customers as well as existing customers. If you take pictures of you and your staff with the tree and you send a photo and story to the news media you may receive coverage. You can also do a video showing you decorating the tree and the finished product and then you post the video on all your social media sources and your website, in the video you can annotate it with your website. Now you have the video work for you. If you look at it and ask yourself what does a new customer represent to me? You should also realize that many consumers like to do business with those businesses they perceive as giving back to the community. When to project is over you now have something to put in all your marketing material- 2012 participated in Forest of Angels and raised $________ for XYZ Charity.
 The idea is to find the promotions, advertising, and marketing campaigns that will give you an opprtunity to strengthen your brand and create additional revenue.

Advertisement Ideas: JDOGG Presents The Show Me The Money Songs

So now when you go about your advertising and marketing remember to put yourself in the positive frame of mind to attract money by saying Show Me The Money!!!!

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