Advertisement Ideas: Be An Angel With Your Strategic Marketing


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    Advertisement Ideas: Be An Angel With Your Strategic Marketing

When I think of ways to capture the audience with strategic marketing I often think of special events like, which will transform The Westfield Broward Mall in Plantation, FL into a Forest of Angels from November 17 – December 24. Businesses will sponsor and decorate Christmas Trees and select a charity to represent. Patrons of the mall will vote on The Best Decorated Tree and the top vote getter will receive a $10,000 award for their charity, 2nd place will earn a $2,500 award, and 3rd place will earn a $1,250 award. You may ask How does this fit into my strategic marketing? The answer is that for $1,250 you can be part of a grass-roots project to help many deserving charities  while reaching an audience that will be receptive to learning more about your product or service. You will also be able to meet other business people who can benefit from your products and services. The strategy to use is to sponsor the tree and then take pictures of your team decorating the tree and the finished project and then to use it in your promotional materials and in marketing materials to show your potential customers that this is how you give back. 


Advertising Ideas: Special Events As A Strategy

When you get involved in a special event you are able to implement a strategy that can build your brand while you gain exposure in the community. With the holidays coming up and an event like Forest Of Angels coming up you  can decorate the tree and show people the charity you have chosen for the event. Each Day you could provide a chance drawing item to be given away. You can do a promotional video of you in front of the tree and use that in your marketing material. You can announce to everyone to visit The Westfield Broward Mall from November 17 – December 24 to see and vote for your tree.  With special events it is a matter of an investment to build your brand and generate customers/clients.  Special events are a great way to market and when you break down the costs they are usually affordable. For example to sponsor and decorate a Christmas Tree and be an angel with your strategic marketing it costs $1,250 and you will be reaching 1.1 million people over a 5 week period of time, you will also have the opportunity to put items in a welcome bag to promote your business, and also do other promotions.  The beauty of this is that you sponsor and decorate the tree and once it is up you don’t have to do anything else and you get great exposure in the market place.

When affiliating yourself with a special event you are creating a sense of caring as people will see that you give back to the community and they will be more willing to do business with you.  Think about it as an opportnity to implement a great strategy to generate leads and give back and to gain a bigger part of the market.  As a participant in an event like Forest of Angels you are able to truly step up your strategic marketing.

 It is when you think things through and use a great strategy that you can really build your brand and increase your revenue.  It is often stated that those who pan their work and work their plan are the most successful people in their respective fields.

 As I watched the apprentice I saw the value of charitable giving and special events and as it would happen Clay Aiken’s Charity  The Inclusion Project is one of the charities involved in Forest of Angels.  The key when you plan your marketing is to be involved in the community and find events like Forest Of Angels to support.  The one thing I have learned from Donald Trump is to be involved in community projects as they help to build brand awareness.

BE AN ANGEL WITH YOUR STRATEGIC MARKETING as you continue to be of service and value to your customers and potential customers and you will see the positive results.



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