Advertisement Ideas: How To Build A Strong Social Media Presence


Advertisement Ideas: How To Build A Strong Social Media Presence

I am asked all the time JDOGG why do I have to have a social media presence? My answer is because if you have a strong social media presence and those who like you or follow you know you and trust you you can monetize them not only for your business but for other endeavors as well.  The next question is then how do I build a strong social media presence? The answer lies in the following process:

1: Know who you want to   The adage I like to use is some will, some won’t, some waiting, so what, next. Not everyone is meant to be your client or to support your cause.

2: Create a Brand and A Tag Line that will reach the audience- For example I am known as Jonathan JDOGG Lederman, The Spiritual Emcee Maximizing Your Message, and people who I am looking to work with and help excel have come to know my logo and often state you’re the guy with the fired up microphone logo.

JDOGG Lederman has a consistent brand and message


JDOGG Connections Build A Presence on Social Media Platforms

3: Know what social media platforms you want to use and learn how to use them or find someone who you can use to do this for you.

4: Be consistent with your brand.Make sure that you use the same logo across all platforms

5: Be relevant, entertaining, and resonating. Don’t sell become an informational source

6: Know what people are looking for and optimize all your platforms with key words.

7: Let people know where they can find you by promoting your social media sites on all marketing materials

8: Once they find you give them a reason to come back. Perhaps offer something of value to capture their email address and then send a thank you email with information related to your industry.

9: Create products that the consumer can purchase at your site that will enhance their personal and professional life.

10: Stay fresh with all you do.Introduce new ideas and concepts.

Advertisement Ideas: The Power of Social Media

Once you create a presence with your social media be it through blogging, tweeting, using Facebook, or pinning at Pinterest. You will begin to see the power of social media. On July 12 a story broke about mudslides in British Columbia and the family that was missing was that of Dr. Lynn Migdal of Delray Beach, FL. Upon hearing the news  and learning that Lynn’s Ex-husband and two daughters were presumed dead a group of women who know Lynn turned to the social media outlet of Facebook and began posting that they were seeking help for Lynn to keep her practice open while going through this tragedy. Within hours a donation page was set up and a fundraiser planned. In less than 24 hours 100’s of auction items were donated for the fundraiser and over $12,000 has been raised.  The web site is http://supportforlynn.chipin.com/support-for-lynn. This is one example of the power of social media

 Lynn’s story has captured world-wide attention due to the power of social media. Local and International News Agencies have picked upon the story. The momentum of support has been amazing as more and more people are sharing this story.

The key is to create a buzz on social media that will resonate with people and have them take action. Look at what you are doing on social media and how you are conveying your message and how you are getting people to take action.

Advertisement Ideas: Social Media As A Marketing Tool

Most everyone is using some type of social media to maximize their message and build market share. KFC uses Facebook to promote specials and even their free give aways. Adam Schefter is found on twitter as he promotes his stories for ESPN. Whole Foods has a blog where you a visitor can elect to follow them on Facebook or twitter. The American Cancer Society has seen a rise in donations through social media like Facebook.  The idea is to use the social media platform effectively to market your product and services.  It takes much tweaking to have people find you from the proper use of keywords to paying for advertising all aspects are important.

 As you begin  building your social media presence make sure it has meaning, is of value, and done with purpose. Don’t just put up a page and hope people will visit give them a reason to visit and to take action.  Social Media when used for good and used properly is a magical and beautiful thing.



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