Advertisement Ideas: Navigating The Public Relations Maze


Advertisement Ideas: Navigating The Public Relations Maze

 Jonathan JDOGG Lederman accepts a Certificate of Appreciation from Paul Spence, President of The Lauderhill Broncos, in recognition of his announcing services that he donated during the season.

This is an example  of a great Public Relations Opportunity if you know how to navigate the maze and reach the right people. In many occassion people doing public relations for their business or non profit organization find themselves in a world that is confusing and hard to understand that they haven’t been exposed to in the past. The world of public relations can be comlicated at times, howver with this blog entry I hope to simplify it so that you can maximize your message.

Advertisement Ideas:  The Steps to Effectively Navigate The Public Relations Maze

One key element to remember when doing public relations is that it is not a sometime thing it is an everytime thing. This means that everything you do in your business or with your non-profit should encompass some public relations aspect. There are many steps to navigate the public  relations maze:

1: Know the message you want to deliver- What is your objective in promoting and giving information?

For example if your purpose of your message is to drive more people to your web site you want to give people a reason to go to your website. For example you are giving away a free study about something in your industry that will help your current clients and potential clients thus announcing the give away in an enticing way and then capturing their email address you can build a list to send more valuable offers. You can also then send out media releases to your media list announcing how you are being of service and value to those you serve.

2: Develop your message – It is important to have a message that will appeal to not only the person receiving your initial information but also to the readers, the listeners, and the viewers of the story. Make sure you have a headline that will grab attention, keep the story to 3-5 paragraphs with details that are relevant, entertaining, and resonating. The following is a story I wrote about my collection for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, which was picked up by several print media outlets:


Community Rallies Behind Upcoming Relay for Life

April 27, 2011|CHRISTIANA LILLYclilly@tribune.com

Relay for Life was not a new concept to Jonathan “JDogg” Lederman when his mother was diagnosed with cancer, but it gave him renewed energy to walk the track.

Others like Lederman have been touched by cancer, whether a parent, child, sibling or grandparent, and it’s drawn the Sunrise community together every year.

This is the best way to honor my mom and honor people like my mom who are battling every day, so that really was an additional spark,” Lederman said. “I’ve always had great stories and now I have a story that truly resonates with people, because how many people’s moms have been touched by cancer.”

Sunrise’s Relay for Life is May 13 at Welleby Park, 11100 NW 44th St. For months now, teams have been raising money for the American Cancer Society. In the overnight event, at least one member of the team walks the track to honor those who have fought cancer. Also, each team sets up booths for the public to explore, playing games to raise more money.

Last year, the Sunrise event raised around $35,000; this year, they are hoping for $38,000, a goal that Officer Michelle Eddy thinks is attainable. The event chairperson and team captain for the Sunrise Police Department, she first got involved in the event when she was in college.

“It’s a good cause. I truly believe in it, and everybody’s been touched by cancer in some way, shape or form,” she said.

At press time, 26 teams were signed up, just below the goal of 30. This is the first Relay for Life in Sunrise for Lederman, and he said the sense of community is noticeable. Members of the city commission, city departments, restaurants, clubs and others are involved in the fight against cancer.

Tony and Jenny Doyle, the owners of Skyline Chili in Sunrise, extended a helping hand for the first time in November 2010. Both of Tony’s parents died from cancer, and the couple wanted to help the Relay teams. For a day, a portion of the restaurant’s revenue was given to the cause in “Chili for the Cure.” However, the owners continued the effort and have been having a fundraising night every month since, raising about $3,500. The next “Chili for the Cure” event is May 11.

“We’ve had some generous donations from customers,” Jenny said.

It was in 2009 when Lederman’s mother was diagnosed with inoperable metastatic lung cancer. It was just weeks before Relay for Life in Boca Raton, where he lived at the time, and he started planning for the next year. When he wasn’t working, he was out collecting donations. Now back in Sunrise, the Piper High School graduate goes out with a canister in the streets to collect money.

“If someone is within three feet of me I ask them for a donation,” he said.

It’s the donations he’s collecting and those from others that have helped cancer survivors, including his mother. In January, her scan came back clean, and she’s due for another follow up in the summer time.

**** Since this article ran my mother has passed. She was called home to God on Juy 5, 2012, which will be the focus of another pubic relations campaign.

3: Develop your media list and tweek it accordingly- In the maze that can be public relations it is importantant to develop a media list

The best way to do this is to create a separate contact for media contacts and to research newspapers, radio, Tv, and blogger contacts and get as much detailed information as you can then put it into a separate address book or list.  With Newspaper you want to speak with editors and section editors, with radio you want to speak to program managers or community relations directors, for TV you want to speak to producers and assignment desk editors, with bloggers you want to visit their blog and leave comments.

4: Create and send the media release and where possible follow up with a phone call-  Pitching your story is a big part of receiving coverage so remember it is not about you it is about what your story will bring to the media source. For example if you have  a big following and you know that a story about you can increase readership, listenership, or viewership this is a great point to bring up. When you continually send stories that are relevant, entertaining, and resonating to your sources you will gain a reputation for being the go to person in the industry.

5:  Create a presence in the community- It is important to have a presence in the community and this can be done in a myriad of ways

Sponsoring a youth sports team can get the word out about your business and is usually an inexpensive way to promote your business

Attend networking events to make key community contacts and thus create a great reputation as the expert in your field

Create a pamphlet with information that you can give out in lieu of a business card

Have booths at community events and trade shows with information that will help a client. For example I was at a tradeshow recently and a local car dealership gave out a flier titled understanding the car pricing structutre with their contact information. Some may say this gave the consumer too much information and leverage for the negotiation process. To the contrary that dealership saw an increase in new car sales by 12% making up for any lost revenue that this flier may have created.

6: Use social media effectively- If you do not have a Youtube Channel get one and begin to put up videos that are informative that are relevant, entertaining, and resonating. The idea is to record everything. If you do not have a facebook page create one with information that is interesting and designed to create action.  If you do not have a blog think of creating one and giving people information to position you as an expert in your field. The key with social media is to be of service and value to those reading and viewing your information.

This week amplify your message by creating a public relations program that will be relevant, entertaining, and resonating. Amplify your voice and maximize your message.

Remember it is not how you deliver the message it is that the message is received. Make your message strong. Have your message convey who you are, what you do and why people should do business with you or support your cause.









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