Advertisement Ideas: GET A CLUE!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Get A Clue!!!!!


I have witnessed many clueless business owners over the last few months, who simply do not understand without proper advertising/marketing that their business doesn’t thrive. I have heard the economy this, the economy that, things are slow, I can’t afford to advertise/market. I have heard every excuse that you can think of. I have come to the conclussion that some business people are just clueless or so set in their ways that they would rather make excuses than look for ways to improve.

 Do you know what this is? It is the #1 interactive video sharing site in the world. I ask people do you have a You Tube Channel and you would be amazed how many have said no. Come on people it is free and if you use it properly you can strengthen your brand. My channel is www.youtube.com/jdogglederman. I have marketing tips, promos I have done, testimonials from clients, and I even have a short rap I did for www.feelthehugs.com. With today’s technology you can have a video a week. The video should be relevant, entertaining, and resonating. Here are some samples of how you can use You Tube:

1: A client or customer is satisfied with your products or services you record a short 30-45 second testimonial. You title it with a good key word that people are looking for(Google’s Key Word Tool is a good resource), you include key words in the description, you tag your video with your name, your company name, the person giving the testimonial name, and keywords that are pertinent to your business.

2: You visit your You Tube Channel and  you hit the share option on your video and you post accordingly

3: You invite people to visit the You Tube Channel and leave comments and you randomly pick a comment and award the person something of value from your business.

Do you have one of these? A Blog can be a very good tool to build your brand and increase revenue.IT is not that difficult to set up. Buy a domain name(GO Daddy is a good source for this) that is relevant to your business for example I am known as The Spiritual Emcee Maximizing Your Message and thus I have this blog www.the-masterofceremony.com and another blog www.the-spiritualawakening.com. Once you have your domain name find a hosting company(Host Gator is a good resource for this). Then build your blog and begin to blog on a consistent basis again using keywords in your title and in the body of your bog in your description to drive traffic. As your blog grows look into affiliate programs(Linkshare.com is a good resource) that are synergistic with what you are blogging about.

There are many resources available to you to help you get a clue. The key is to stop pointing fingers and to take action so as to strengthen your brand awareness and as a result build revenue.


Advertising Ideas: Ways To Get A Clue!!!

The two example above are ways to catch a clue. Some other ways include:

1: Join a Mastermind Group, where you can share ideas with others to build your business

2: Attend networking events with something more than a business card. I like the idea of handing out a CD or DVD that is relevant to your business and can be of service and value to the person you are speaking with. If you don’t want to go the DVD or CD you can have a one sheeter with information that can benefit the person you are speaking with.  Recently I attended a Stand Out Media Group Event and their representatives handed out a one sheeter about the 5 tips to effective PR with information about their Branding Boot camp. As a result they had 4 additional sign ups for the boot camp.

3:Place ads whenever and wherever you can with sources that make sense for your business.

4: Align yourself with a charity and leverage your relationship in all of your marketing. For example people know I do a lot of work with The American cancer Society and I use it as a tool to build my brand.

5: Study and implement marketing strategies that have worked for others in your industry.

Money can be attracted when you go from being clueless to being clued in. Those that embrace new ideas and make adjustments are the ones who will succeed.  Make it a point to become powerful with your clues.

P= Passion

O=  Opportunity

W= Wealth


R = Real

If you are to have power and continue to grow and create the life that you want through the business you are in you are going to have to GET A CLUE!!!  Wishing you much success.



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