Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Serving Up A Dose Of Spirituality


As I attended The Spiritual awakening Conference today I used a new technique instead of selling I simply went over to booths and introduced myself and collected cards to follow up. I mentioned that I host a radio show, Get Motivated With Jonathan “JDOGG Lederman on Monday from 7-8 PM EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/thirdeyeradio1 and the author mentioned her show and then gave me a signed copy of her book with a great message. I am looking forward to reading it and having her on my show. I then went to another booth and the gentleman there was doing an energy drum and he passed it over me and I could feel the vibrations and this helped to get me centered. As I continued to share with others I could feel the energy and this gave me an idea that everyone needs a dose of spirituality. This also led me to a question how can you use your spiritual story to gain exposure in the media and build your brand.

The answer was very simple be of service to everyone you  meet and find a spiritual connection and thus this will help you with your media relations and client relations. Think about it by simply coming from a spiritual place you will attract the people that are meant to be in your life to help you. Spirituality can come in the form of showing caring and compassion with special events at your business, a special award given to outstanding clients and staff members, motivational signs in the office. Each element can be drawn up and presented in a media release about the unique approach you are using to build your business and how effective it is.

Think about it sending a spiritual quote or message each day with your company name and website attached to it. This will create followers who see that you are caring and compassionate and of service and thus these followers may become customers. Think about if you were on the receiving end of a note that encouraged you to be successful each morning. I worked for a president of a company that would send a positive message of the day and I enjoyed it as it usually set the tome to have a successful day. By showing others you care you will build a relationship and as a result get what you desire.

This week  serve up a dose of spirituality and see what happens?

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