Advertisement Ideas: I’ll Have a Hug and a Donut


Advertisement Ideas: I’ll Have a Hug and a Donut

     This week there were two non traditional days celebrated that could have helped you to build your brand and increase your revenue one was on Friday, it was National Donut Day, the other was on Saturday, it was International Hug Day. I began to think how many businesses that rely on foot traffic knew of these two days and did anything to capitalize on them?  I came up with an idea that if these two days are close together in 2013 that you can sponsor a campaign I’ll Have a Hug and a Donut. It could be done very simply by advertising two-three weeks prior to these days that on a certain day to commemorate National Donut Day and International Hug Day that at you place of business the first 150 people to make a purchase will receive a free hug and a donut.


      There are many non-traditional holidays that you as a business can capitalize on and many are included in this book:

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        The idea here is to use proactive and creative ways to market your business, even if you do not have a brick and mortar type business you can us a day like National Donut Day to promote your business. You can have special delivery bags made up with your logo and contact information on them and in each one put a donut and deliver it to all your current clients that you will see that day and your potential clients that you will see that day. For International Hug Day you can give out cards that read this entitles you to one free hug with your logo and contact information. The possibilities are endless when you think of it.

Advertisement Ideas: Give Me Another Hug and Donut


        On September 21, 2012 World Peace Day will be celebrated and you can again to a promotion in honor of World  Peace where everyone coming to your place of business or everyone you see on that day gets a nother hug and a donut and this time also gets something related to peace like a book mark with a peace quote and your logo and and contact information. Last Year Evelyn Ballin at the Heart Painter’s Studio hosted an event for World Peace Day that drew over 200 visitors to her studio many for the first time.

      Be creative invite Peace Corps Volunteers to speak at your store or sponsor an event that benefits The Peace Corps. Do a promotion where everyone who wears their countries colors receives a special item at a discounted rate. You can begin advertising in August and let people know what your are doing for this special day. The key is to be proactive and creative in all you do.

      This week find a non-traditional holiday and find a way to monetize it.


Jonathan JDOGG Lederman holds a BBA in marketing From Hofstra University. He has worked with professional sports teams, The N.Y. Liberties and The Long Island Knights as a Marketing intern where his skills helped to double the attendance at matches and games. He has served as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in The Philippines where his marketing skills helped to secure donations and sponsorships for The Regional Rehabilitation Center For Youth that he was assigned to work at. He is known as a Marketing and Media Relations Specialist who has garnered much desired media for his clients. He has marketed himself as The Spiritual Emcee Maximizing Your Message landing him positions with The LIngerie Football League, Broward College, Lynn University, Florida Atlantic University, The Palm Beach Punishers, The Palm Beach Imperials, and The Miami Fury. His getting the word out mp3 is no available by contacting him at rd1299@aol.com

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