Advertisement Ideas: Miyagi Says Focus!!!!


 Pat Morita  (Mr. Miyagi) teaches Ralph Macchio (Daniel Son) an important life lesson about focusing. The scene that is very poignant is Miyagi says wax on wax off focus.I used to walk around my office sharing this with my fellow staff members so as to motivate them. It worked as a great strategy.

Advertisement Ideas: Miyagi Says Focus!!!!

I was out in the community representing Life Publications today and  realized just how many people couldn’t answer the question of who their ideal client was. I began to think if you do not know who your ideal client is then how can you stay focused and build your brand and increase your revenue. One particular business  asked me what I was selling I said eventually I would like to put together an advertising program for you but first I wanted to know who your ideal client is so that I can see if my magazine would be a good fit for you. I was told I am not interested to which I replied sorry to hear that because outside of the advertising I believe I could have been of service and value to you.  I continued to stay focused and use this approach as I continued to peel back the onion by asking questions of the potential advertisers that I was calling on. I was doing the sales calls cold, which is not something I recommend, however those that I have relationships with are already in the magazine working with other reps. As I finished making the sales calls I began to realize that their must be a focus on marketing so as to create top of the mind awareness with those that are in your ideal client profile.

Advertisement Ideas: Strategic Focus

When was the las time you sat down and  did a real introspection of where your focus is and what strategic partnerships I should be focusing on?  Have you looked for a strategy focus that will build your brand? Have you sat down with others to get their input on strategies? Have you sought out groups or organizations that are synergistic with your focus?

 I have been working with non-profits and business people for over 20 years and have developed a gift to find strategic partners that will help meet the goals and objectives of those I work with by simply being focused on the ideal target to see how it benefits the parties involved.

In 2000 I began doing Relay For Life to benefit The American Cancer Society. In 2002 I left to join The U.S. Peace Corps where I serve in The Philippines for 6 months.Upon my return I reconnected with The American Cancer Society and made a priority to focus on fundraising and setting a goal of becoming a STAR Supporter by raising at least $1500 each year. 2012 marked the 9th year that I reached this status because I was focused and had a plan and worked the plan and made adjustments along the way.  The plan was easy:

1: Focus on fundraising by setting a goal and writing it down so I would see it everyday.

2: Pick places to target to ask for donations, mostly high trafficked businesses that would allow me to ask patrons for donations.

3: Connect with friends and relatives for donations through social media

4: Create some strategic partnerships like the one with Skyline Chili in Sunrise, FL to host fundraising nights.

5: Write and send media releases on a weekly basis about my progress and the progress of the event.

This 5 step process worked because of  being focused. In business we can focus on partnerships and promoting the partnerships. As a result of me working with The American Cancer Society and doing fundraising and emceeing some Relay for Life Events I have landed paying gigs because of my focus.

Advertisement Ideas: Finding and Focusing on Strategic Partnerships

There are a myriad of organizations that you can partner with to help focus on the goal of being of the top of the consumer’s/client’s mind. The key is to find those that truly resonate with you.

I recently read the mission statement for the Focus on Community Organization that read: To aid in the positive development of youth through encouragement and support services for the sake of elevating morality mind and influence. This resonated with me so much I went to their website and I then attended a fundraiser for them and was able to network and speak with potential clients while giving back to the community. The GM of Chuck E. Cheese even let me do the introduction for Chuck E., which was great as you never know who might be in the audience that hears my voice and decides to make me an offer for voice work.

I have been assisting Sara Doctofsky of The Professional You and as a result had the opportunity to Emcee The I ROCK 2012 Talent Show and entertain the kids while also delivering a positive message. We took a photo that can now be used in my promotional pieces.

   Jonathan JDOGG Focuses on Helping Others by supporting

Some of the things to do when forming a strategic partnership are:

1: Search for the groups, businesses, or organizations that fit into your core values

2: Look at how you can create a win-win situation

3: Make sure your involvement will bring you joy

There are many ways to stay focused:

1: Write down your goals so you see them everyday

2:  Sit down in a quiet place and write down the plans for the day

3: As Ken Esrig says put yourself in a dollar bill sandwich by putting you name on the top of the page and then putting 5 $ signs on each side of your name then write down your 30 day goals and the action steps you will take to achieve them.

Here are five ways to stay focused as recommended by Carissa Reiniger:

  • Find something you care about.When your career is really about a mission to accomplish something that you believe truly matters, what other people think about you becomes far less important.
  • Get clear on your values.Give yourself an exercise of naming your core values as a person—not a company. This will help you  make decisions quickly that are true to who you are.
  • Establish a crystallized goal. Set a goal, and then commit to reaching it. Tangibly doing so will help you stay focused and use whatever resources you have at my disposal to accomplish it.
  • Separate friends from acquaintances.Don’t worry too much about keeping everyone happy. You’ll find yourself realizing the importance of a deep and genuine inner circle—the people you can truly be yourself with, who can call you out when necessary and who can support you when no one else will.
  • Ignore the noise.With increased profile, success and accomplishment comes increased noise. Somehow everyone has an opinion. I have heard people comment on everything from my fashion to my dating life to my nails to my staff to my financial decisions—name it, it has been commented on. Ignore it. Look at yourself in the mirror and consider your own perspective and that of your inner circle—the rest is unproductive!

Michael E. Angier makes these suggestions:

1. Have Powerful Reasons. With a strong enough reason you can and will find the how and the wherewithal to achieve your reward. Reasons plus belief keep you motivated. When you’re excited about your goal, it doesn’t seem like work. If you’re not excited, your efforts will require more discipline and energy. Make sure it’s YOUR goal. Make sure it excites you. And then act enthusiastically.

2. Write Your Objectives Down. This is a critical step. Don’t think it, ink it. When you write your goals down, they appear not only on paper, but they become indelibly written upon your consciousness.

3. Visualize. “See” your objective already in existence. Nothing can withstand the power of a clear, multi-sensory vision of what you are intending. What does it look like? What will people be saying about it? How will you feel? The more detailed and “real” you can make your vision, the more powerful it will be. It will operate like a magnet and draw forth all kinds of things you never thought possible.

4. Affirm Your Success. Speak your goal into existence. An affirmation is a present-tense, positive statement of your intended outcome. I now have achieved ______________ (fill in the blank). The more sensory rich you can make your affirmations, the more effective they will be. All of these techniques help you to feel the presence of your objective and build belief.

5. Make a Plan of Action. To achieve and stay focused upon your objective, create an action plan. What are the steps you will take to get you from where you are to where you want to be? Your strategies will likely change as you go along, so set your goals in concrete and your plans in sand. Keep your eye on the goal, but remain flexible in your path to it.

6. Measure Your Progress. You can’t change what you don’t measure. Create mechanisms that will allow you to see your progress. Use charts. Log your actions. Use anything that will encourage you by allowing you to objectively track your progress. We all need feedback—it’s the breakfast of champions.

7. Maintain a Support System. Have a Master Mind Group. Use the Buddy System. Surround yourself with people who will encourage and challenge you. Be accountable to someone other than yourself. Read positive books. Review past successes.

8. Focus On Only a Few Goals at a Time. You can achieve anything you desire, but not EVERYTHING you desire. Concentrate your efforts and your energy on just a few. I might have dozens of goals and projects, but I keep three key goals in the forefront of my mind.

9. Take Action Every Day. An important objective warrants daily attention. A 400-page novel is not written all at once. To many, writing a 400-page novel would be overwhelming. But a little over a page a day will get it done in a year. Every goal can be broken down into doable tasks done consistently.

10. Celebrate Your Milestones. Mark your successes and acknowledge yourself for your progress. As you achieve one goal, you can see better and believe more easily in the accomplishment of others. You deserve to succeed and you deserve to celebrate your successes.

Copyright 2000 Michael E. Angier, used with permission.

This week find a way to focus on your goals while forming strategic partnerships.

 Anthony Robbins on staying focused.



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