Advertisement Ideas: Using Your Talent To Help Others Grows Your Business


JDOGG Emcees West Boca Relay For Life   Inspiration, Perspiration, and Rejuevenation  are the words that could be used to describe my experience this past weekend as I traveled to be part of The American Cancer Society Relay for Life of  West Boca Raton to be the emcee. I was truly ninspired by the commitment of the chairperson and the committee to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. I perspired as I chose to wear a nice purple guaverra and slacks so as to present a professional image, and then I was rejuevanated as I finished the event and realized the difference one can make when you use your talent to help others.

Using your talent to help others will help you to grow your business as you become a go-giver and create the following yiu are looking for. It has been my experience that by getting involved with non-profits you can get many bookings for other events as the people involved usually are well coonected and if they like you, know you, and trust you they will do business with you. As a result of aligning myslef with The American Cancer Society for the last 12 years I have secured many paying gigs. The key is to continue to use your talents and put yourself out there.

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