Advertisement Ideas: It is not the economy it is you!!


Advertisement Ideas: It is not the economy it is you!!

     I can not tell you how many times a day I hear I can’t donate because business is slow due to the economy? I hear I can’t advertise because business is off because of the economy. I hear things are tough, things are bad, I can’t, and simply I’m Not interested. When I hear these things I want to scream, IT IS NOT THE ECONOMY IT IS YOU. I want to scream this because I am someone who regardless of how tough things may be perceived to be I have solutions that are simple and easy to implement. I have this ability to walk into a business and come up with 3-5 ideas that when implemented will work.  For example I walked into a hair salon it seemed to be a bit slow for a Saturday. I was there collecting donations for The American Cancer Society Relay for Life the receptionist said our owner doesn’t allow for that. I said okay and asked what does the owner do to attract business and the answer was nothing we rely on our regular customers. I then asked, are the stylists independent contractors or do they work for the salon.I was told they work for the salon. I asked do you mind if I give you some ideas to increase business? I was told you can do that but I doubt the owner will listen. The first thing I suggested was visit the neighboring establishments and begin cross promotions, the second thing I suggested is to do a cooperative advertising campaign with their suppliers so as to show people what products they use, I then suggested planning a day of services for a charity. By doing these 3 things the salon can build their brand and thus increase traffic. Again it has nothing to do with the economy but with what the owner of the salon was doing. I went to another salon about 2 miles away and it seemed to be booming, there was an ambiance and an energy that was welcoming, The receptionist greeted me with a smile acknowledge my American Cancer Society cannister and asked how can we help. I said by allowing me to collect donations, she said sure, the operators all started to pull $1 out and the patrons started to respond. One patron said I am using a coupon so you can have what I am saving. As I walked around the salon I noticed signs that said follow us on twitter, like our Facebook page, find our ad in The Jewish Journal, ask about our customer referral/rewards program. This salon seems to be doing well. Again has nothing to do with the economy but in how you operate your business.

In business it is important to stand out and be extraordinary. The reason you may have challenges in your business may have nothing to do with the economy perhaps you aren’t doing innovative things in your business perhaps you are afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Stop blaming the economy and look at what you can do differently to attract new business while retaining existing business.

      This is Hungry Howie’s in Plantation, FL, I decided to use them as an example of a business that get’s it and is doing well. In 2011 I asked the proprietors if they could help me with a donation of 10 large pizzas for The American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Sunrise, FL. They immediately said yes. As a result they were mentioned as a sponsor of The Pizza Lap and over 250 fliers were handed out on their behalf.  As a result of their donation I became a customer and also began to make some videos for them that you  can see  at They are constantly promoting their specials and supporting community events. As a result they have been able to increase their brand awareness and increase their revenue. Let’s do the math they donated 10 pies, which cost them about $5 to make and in return just by cultivating me as a customer have generated an average of $15 per week just from me.  Again they didn’t make excuses and blame the economy they took a proactive role and as a result are continuing to have success.

       Then there is Pizza Time in Sunrise, whose owner told me I was asking for $150 worth of product, my answer was really I think it costs you about $6 to make that pie and you charge $15.99 per pizza so I am really asking for $60 worth of product and services. I was asked how do I know this and my answer was I have done my research and I worked for an Italian Restaurant, Chef Oneccio’s many years ago. I began to explain that by supporting Relay for Life with the 10 Large Pies he would gain much exposure and most likely wouldn’t feel the pinch of $60.I was told don’t you know how bad the economy is people aren’t dinning out like they used to. Again I wanted to scream it is not the economy it is you. It has been 8 months since Relay I haven’t spent a dime with him however in that same time I spent roughly $400 with Hungry Howie’s. The point here is it is not the economy it is you.Look at how you conduct your business and what you can do differently to bring in new business while retaining existing business.

Advertisement Ideas: People Are Spending Money

       Sometime I wish the news media would go to places that are doing business and realizing that people are spending money. They may not be spending it with you, however they are spending money.  Why is it that a local sports bar on one end of town is flourishing and the other is struggling. The answer is simple the way the operate the successful place is running specials and promoting and doing some creative things while the place that struggles is blaming the economy, complaining all the time, and not doing any marketing. This goes for any industry. For example you are a building contractor and new home sales are down, however you realize that people are remodeling their existing homes. The key for you is to change your focus and go after the remodeling business. You are in the salon business and you notice people are buying the coloring products at Walmart and doing the color at home thus a promotion for you would be bring the coloring kit you bought at Walmart and let us do it right for you. Changing with the times and giving people a reason to spend their money with you is what will make you successful. Being proactive and innovative will help you to increase your brand awareness and thus increase your cash flow.

Advertisement Ideas: A new way to spell Success!!

    I have begun to purposely misspell success, cuccess because it takes commitment, communication, and collaboration to succeed. How many times do we miss out on an opportunity because we don’t see the message or we don’t realize the importance of being open and receptive to everyone. For example the person coming into your business to solicit for Relay for Life may have key contacts in the community and by being nice to that person he may recommend you but if your are closed minded and non-receptive I can guarantee you one thing that person will think twice about doing business with you. I had someone tell me that they gave to other charities and I asked which ones and was told I don’t have time for this, I said thank you I wish you good luck, his answer was I don’t need your well wishes. I then walked out and thought then they wonder why business is slow. He obviously didn’t understand that everyone that walks into your business regardless of their motive can send you business as you never know how they know who can benefit from their products or services.


   This week be proactive and creative and reach for success.

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