Advertisement Ideas: How to Capitilize on Current Events


Advertisement Ideas:Capitalizing on National Current Events

     Today there are many ways to capitalize on current events and activities that are happening that will enhance your marketing campaign. For Example today (2/26) The Daytona 500 was scheduled to take place. A great story was that of Danica Patrick being the 3rd woman to start a Daytona 500. Due to the rain The Daytona 500 was rescheduled for tomorrow at noon. I immediately thought what if you emailed your list and offered a special offer like 10% off from 12 PM – 4 PM in honor of Danica Patrick who drives the #10 car.


        Tying a campaign to a well known person like Danica Patrick can lead to  more traffic or more calls. Another promotion you could offer is Shop on Race Day and enter to win a signed photo of Danica Patrick. The key is to be creative.

      This weekend was also NBA All Star Weekend, which led to many ideas like Be an All Star at_____________. Come in and shop with our All Star Discount program this weekend.  You could also offer a program to give a discount based on the points scored. You can also reach out to the local sports programs and offer a program where if the kids come in with their team jersey on they get a special priced item.

Dwayne Wade and Lebron James represent The Miami Heat at The NBA All-Star game. Turn up The Heat with promotions tied to current events.


       Some great tools for keeping up with current events are:

1: Google Alerts

2: AOL News

3: MSN Front Page

 4: Twitter- See what is trending

5: Facebook- Look at what is being discussed

         Every day you can see what is happening and come up with a marketing promotion that will attract interest. Last week when Whitney Houston Passed I thought hold a contest where people would fill out a form to win a Whitney Houston CD they would include their name, email, phone, and favorite Whitney Houston song. You could then announce that our customers rated the following songs and the winner of The Whitney Houston CD is__________________________.

  Whitney Houston’s passing brought more awareness to addiction. As a business owner you could do a special promotion where you give a portion of your sales or bookings to a local treatment center.

        One of my favorite baseball players Gary Carter lost his battle with cancer last week and I came up with the idea to ask people to go to http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg8265 and donate $8 to honor Gary Carter and help to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays,  This is something you can do in your business.


               When you begin to capitalize on current events by being creative and proactive you will begin to see many benefits.


Advertisement Ideas: Capitalizing on Local Current Events

    On Saturday 2/25 in Coconut Creek, FL The Annual Butterfly Festival was held with over 5000 people attending. One of the features of the event was a business expo with many local businesses showcasing their products and services at a booth. Special local events are a great way to build your brand and create awareness of your business. One main factor to consider is to have something of value to give to the visitors to entice them to do business with you. I was able to represent Life Publications and we were handing out copies of our Magazine and signing people up for our consumer discount program www.lifesluxuries4less.com. I started at the booth and just talked to people, I then walked the business expo area talking to vendors, and through out the day just shared who I was and what I was doing. In addition to having a booth Life Publications, www.lifepubs.com, was also a sponsor of the event.  We had a very successful day as we obtained email addresses to build our database of contacts, which is a great selling point to advertisers as it shows we  are proactive in the marketplace and also believe in promotions. 

Image Detail Life Publications capitalizes on local current events by being an active participant at local events and supporting many local charities thus building a solid brand and delivering a quality publication to the communities they serve.

      When looking for ways to market your business look for local events that are happening in your community that you can support. I recommend events like Relay for Life, Art Shows, Business Expos, Youth Sports, and School Happenings.

          When you capitalize on national and local events and market aggressively is when you have the most success. This week ask your self  how can I capitalize on current events?


               Jonathan JDOGG Lederman is The Spiritual Emcee Maximizing Your Message. He has been involved in some form of Marketing and Media Relations since the age of 11 and has helped to promote many businesses and non-profit agencies. It is estimated that he has been part of raising over $1,000,000 for charitable causes in a 35 year period of time. His dedication to serving the community has earned him the honor of A Junior Chamber International senatorship, a S.A.K.E. Volunteer of The Year Nomination, A Governor’s Point of Light Award, The WRMF  Hometown Hero Award, The 2008 American Cancer Society Hope Award, and The John H. Armbruster Memorial Award. He has served as A U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in The Philipines. He has been featured in several newspapers, on radio and TV.  He currently hosts Get Motivated With Jonathan JDOGG Lederman on Monday at www.blogtalkradio.com/thirdeyeradio1 from 7-8 PM. He hosts Tantalizing Tuesday, a teleclass, from 7-8 PM EST weekly. He can also be found announcing The Miami Fury Football Games and emceeing many local community events. To Reach him email rd1299@aol.com

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