Advertisement Ideas: Lessons, Confessions, and Tips To Build Your Brand


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Advertisement Ideas: McDonald’s Confessions

    Forgive me as I am attracted to McDonald’s and find myself stopping in on many occasion just for the $.49 burgers and $.59 cheeseburgers on a Wednesday or Sunday. This habit began many years ago as I saw The Golden Arches everywhere. The idea of meeting Ronald McDonald and having a McDonald’s about 300 feet from my front door in middle school didn’t help much. As the years went on I began to realize why McDonald’s was so big and successful they had a marketing secret. Create characters that were recognizable and make them life-like and appeal to the kids so they will ask their parent’s to go to McDonald’s. This strategy worked and now the kids of those kids are asking to go to McDonald’s. The key here is to create a desire for your product or services. McDonald’s also one of the first places to offer kids birthday parties, then to accommodate families they created a play ground and many of the newer McDonald’s have themes. There is a McDonald’s in Boca Raton with a Spy Theme, One in Delray uses a NASCAR Theme. I stopped in recently and made this spontaneous video. I must confess I really like the way McDonald’s Markets themselves even though their food is not the healthiest for you.

The McDonald’s Marketing Campaign is something we can all follow to build our brand

1:Have a consistent message Can you Name the McDonald’s Theme?____________________________________________

2: Create a Desire, Think of all the promotion they do. For example they are doing an internal campaign where when you get to the register you are handed a card announcing that for President’s Day you can buy 1 Quarter Pounder and get the next one for a penny.

3: Create characters that are appealing How many McDonald’s Character’s Can You Name?

4: Be Community Oriented and develop your own charitable foundation like Ronald McDonald House or align yourself with a charity.

5: Provide what the consumer is searching for.

Advertisement Ideas: The Starbucks Experience

     Again I must confess I never stepped into a local Starbucks other than to use their restroom because I heard so many negative things about Starbucks, then one day I got a lap top and needed a place to use wi-fi, someone suggested Starbucks and I went and I bought my first Venti Caramel Frappacino and since that day I have been going 1-3 tines a week. What is amazing is that Starbucks does very little advertising, however they have created a culture of followers who are very loyal. This is due in part to excellent customer service. I confess you treat me right I am coming back regardless of the price of your product. I have had great experiences at Starbucks as one day I placed my order and they forget to make the drink I ordered. I asked about it they apologized and they gave me a coupon for a free drink the next time I came in. One day I walked in the door and by the time I arrived at the counter my Caramel Frap was ready. I asked what if I wanted something else, I was told the Frap would have been on them and they would  have made me another drink. I am always greeted pleasantly. I also like the fact that Starbucks Supports Relay for Life.

 I confess this is my stress relief where I can work and enjoy a nice relaxing atmosphere.

          We can learn from Starbucks:

1: Saturate the market.

2: Create a buzz.

3: Create a loyal customer base

4: Deliver great customer service.

Advertisement Ideas: Consumer Confessions

    As an advertising sales person and a consumer I confess that many times businesses that are struggling and making excuses really annoys me. I take a deep breath and get centered and grounded and realize that it has nothing to do with me but everything to do with them. The best advice I can give to a business owner, manager, or employee is to be open and receptive because you never know where business may come from or who the person you are dealing with knows or how influential that person is.

       I have often contacted local businesses via the phone and the ones that are rude to me wind up on a list to avoid and those that are nice to me get put on the list to recommend. For example there are many pizza shops close to where I live and each year I put together a pizza lap for The Relay for Life asking these places to donate pizzas in return for marketing. Last year I approached one place and was told I am not interested and the gentleman made a lot of excuses, needless to say I don’t business with him and when asked about my experience with him I tell people I wouldn’t eat there, not because he didn’t help but because of his attitude.  I approached two other places and they both get my businesses a result of them being open and receptive I recommend them as well. I even made promo videos for one of them. The point is think about how you act when you are approached to purchase advertising or help a charity.

        When you deal with anyone this should be your attitude instead of this. Think about it who would you do business with.

This week as you look to build your brand learn from McDonald’s and Starbucks and keep in mind that everyone you come in contact with could potentially be of service and value to your business.


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