Advertisement Ideas: So What Is Your Excuse?


Jonathan JDOGG Lederman shares his knowledge and expertise of marketing and media relations in this informative post about overcoming excuses.

Advertisement Ideas: Excuses No More!!!!

As an advertising representative for Life Publications I have encountered many excuses as to why people do not advertise. This led me to ask the question so What is Your Excuse? What is the real reason you are not advertising or marketing your business? How many opportunities have you let slip by becuase you put your guard up and thought of the excuses that you were going to give?  It is time to stop making excuses and to start taking action. Some of the excuses that I have heard and what my reply is?

1: I can’t afford to advertise-  In today’s marketplace it is imperative to promote yourself. How can you say I can’t afford to when you may not know the price or in my case I have a program where you can receive some free advertising on a site www.lifesluxuries4less.com. In my publications I have 1/6 page ads that start at $275 and have a wide reach, check out www.lifepubs.com for other prices. So before you say I can’t afford, think about how you can find the resources to invest in your business and maximize your message.

2: Advertising Doesn’t Work For Me- Advertising in any form be it word of mouth, free ads, or paid advertising will work if you include a reason for the consumer to seek you out. You can do an inhouse campaign where you offer existing customers products or services for referring customers. For example I have  a program set up with Salad Creations in Coconut Creek, FL where If someone goes in and mentions that JDOGG sent them I get points towards my next purchase. Ray from Perfect Cut Barber Shop offers a free haircut to anyone who refers 3 customers. Dayscape in Coconut Creek, FL gives me fliers and I put them out in the community and if people call using a special promo code and sign up I get paid.  It all comes down to how you advertise.

3: I Have Enough Business and I don’t need to advertise- This one always perplexes me because I believe you can never have enough business as there is always room to grow. It is when times are good with business coming in that you should advertise so as to continue the momentum and build your brand.

4: Things Are Slow- This also perplexes me because when you are slow that is when you should step up your advertsing so as to again strengthen you customer/client base and buikd your brand.  Think why are you slow is it because you aren’t being proactive and creative in your marketing or you haven’t set up your strategic plan or is it the way you are perceived in the market place. Advertising when things are a bit slow will remind people you are still in business and that you ahve something of value that they are seeking.

Notice these logos, Why? It is due to the intensive advertising campaigns and strategic marketing plans that they have implemented? They didn’t make excuses they went forward and now have very recognizable brands.

This is an actual entrance to the tunnel on a highway. I found it very creative. How creative are you being with your campaign.

Advertisement Ideas: From Excuses to Excellence

Once you stop making excuses as to why you are not advertising your business you will begin to step into excellence. Advertising in many cases can be obtained for free. Here are some free ways you can get started.

1: Visit You Tube and register to have your own channel- Once you ahve the channel make some videos about your business filled with useful information that people are seeking. For example you are an accountant, make a video about the top 10 ways to save on taxes, you are a hairdresser, make a video with a before and after of your client explaing the procedure and products you used, your a life coach, make a video with daily affirmations and ways to implement them. The key here is again to be creative.

2: Visit web sites like www.whoduz.com and register and place your free ad everyday. By putting up a daily offer you will gain exposure and thus create a following which can be converted into customers/clients.

3: Visit www.animoto.com and use their free service that will let you do a 30 second video.

4: Viist www.cinch.fm and record messages about who you are, what you do, and how to contact you as well as tips about your industry.

5: Utilize Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and other social media sites by giving people information that is relevant, entertaining, and resonating.

For more ways to market your business for free or inexpensively connect with me.  It is when the excuses are eliminated that excellence can be achieved.

Recognize this logo? If you have been following me for sometime you know I raise funds for this event. I use the free website at http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg8265 and post this in as many places as possible. So far $500.35 has been raised for the 2012 American Cancer Society Relay for Life of West Boca Raton.

Advertisement Ideas: Strategy to Overcome Excuses

I mention the above because it has created a strategy to overcome excuses. Aligning yourself with a charitable cause can help obtain free publicity. For example I sent out several media releases about this event and as a result have been featured on the front page of local community newspapers, interviewed on the radio, interviewed by local TV Stations, featured on Internet Radio Shows, and placed on several media websites.

The cool thing is it doesn’t cost money to get involved with a charitable cause it takes some innovation and proactivity. The reason this strategy works is that people like to do business with people they perceive to be giving back to the community.

Another strategy I use is the 3 foot rule, if someone is within 3 feet of me and I hear something I can pick up on I will go over and introduce myself. For example as I was writing this blog at Starbucks I overhead a women mention sh worked for a non-profit agency, being that I have over 20 years of experience working with non-profits I went over introduced myself and gave her my business card. I asked her if she was familiar with Animoto as I am sharing that site with everyone as it is an effective way to maximize your message. She wasn’t so I told her about it and she is going to pass my information on to her marketing director.  The strategy here works as when you are out sharing who you are and what you do you may pick up more contacts that can lead them to becoming clients/customers.

We are all interconnected so when it comes to advertising stop making excuses and take action to connect with people so they will support you, your business, and any charities you are involved in.

This week stop making excuses and take action to promote yourself and your business.




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