Advertisement Ideas:10 Lessons Learned From The Superbowl


Advertisement Ideas:10 Lessons Learned From Superbowl


As I watched what I consider to be one of the most exciting Superbowl in recent history, I began to think what lessons did I learn?

1: The economy isn’t that bad when companies are spending $3.5 Million on a 30 second ad.  Using the economy as an excuse as to not advertise  just limits your chances to attract business.

2: Many people watching this game don’t have  a clue about the game. I must have explained why the Brady toss from the end zone was considered grounding and thus resulted in a safety. Lack of knowledge can hurt you not only when watching The Superbowl but when it comes to advertising your business.

3: That Half-Time Performers do not get paid yet are given lodging for themselves and their staff. So Madonna reached a huge audience and was given about $70 million dollars in advertising. I liked the show and was totally oblivious to MIA Flipping of the crowd. When advertising remember that sometime free publicity is available to you.

4: Don’t eat 3 cheeseburgers, 3 hamburgers, pretzels, chips, donuts and expect to be okay in the morning. This goes to advertising as don’t expect to buy 1 ad for 1 time and expect an influx of customers.

5:  That sometimes the most deserving player doesn’t get The MVP. This relates to advertising as sometimes you choose not to advertise with the best publication, radio station, tv station, and social media outlet.

6: That a scrambling quarterback can help you but sometimes hurt you. This is the same with advertising sometime scrambling can create business but sometimes it can cost you.

7: Fading to the sidelines on an out route lessens your chances for a completion. Same in  advertising when you make an excuse not to advertise you lessen your chances to strengthen your customer base.

8: Holding can ruin a drive.In advertising holding back can ruin your campaign.

9: Sometimes it is okay to punt. In advertising sometimes it is okay to find another avenue to maximize your message.

10: Improper use of Time-Outs can hurt you.  Same in advertising when an ad is placed in a magazine that doesn’t reach you target audience it is like taking an ill-timed time-out.

We now know the results Giants 21 – Patriots 17, Eli Manning MVP, however this promotional poster definitely created a buzz. You can create a buzz about your business by being proactive and creative.

Advertisement Ideas: How To Be An MVP In Advertising

Many Times The Superbowl MVP is a player who has an extraordinary memorable play that changes the course of the game. To be an Advertising MVP you are going to want to do the following:

1: Know who you are targeting

2: Design a memorable game changing ad that will create a buzz about you. How many people were talking Superbowl Commercials Today

3: Make an impression by being memorable. Think about how many times have you mentions The Skettchers Commercial, Go Daddy, Coca-Cola, or Doritos Today.

4: Place the ad in places that have high traffic(readership, listenership, viewership, visitors)

5: Be creative- Don’t do what your competitors are doing stand out.

6: Look for opportunities that are free or inexpensive- There are many available.

7: Be proactive- Don’t wait for sales to fall below a certain threshold strike before that happens by having a game plan.

8: Stay Consistent with your message

9: Share your message in as many places as possible

10: Let people know what makes you special

 I chose this ad as it capitalized on The Superbowl. It was creative and memorable look at all the aspects. It doesn’t have location of phone number as it was an in-house point of sale flier, however the proprietor could have added those elements and placed it in the local sports section days before the Superbowl.


This week go earn your championship ring by using advertising effectively.



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