Advertisement Ideas: Reach Out, Reach Up, and Rise


Advertisement Ideas: Reach Out

A man was deep into water and swimming to shore he grew weary and started to go under a boat passed by and offered help his answer no I don’t need help God will provide, a lifeguard threw him a buoy he didn’t grab on and said God will provide, another swimmer offered to swim him in, his answer again was no God will provide. He drowned went to heaven and asked God why did you allow me to drown, God answered I sent you a boat, a buoy, and individuals to help what more did you want me to do. God was providing and doing his outreach. Ask yourself when you advertise are my messages being received and if they aren’t what can I do to change them.

Like synchronized swimming your message should be one that is designed to reach you client/customer and consistent. Having one message on a business card, another on a post card, another on your blog, another on your website, another on your you tube channel, and other marketing materials will confuse the client/consumer and like the drowning man your message will be missed.  When you do out reach with your advertising elements to consider:

1: Will this message appeal to my target audience?

2: Is my message consistent and memorable?

3: Is my message geared towards driving business or is it just for brand recognition.

There are many ways to Reach Out and have your message received.

 One of the ways to maximize your message and reach out is to tie promotions into events or beliefs like 2012 The Year Of The Dragon. You could put this on one side of your business card and have your contact info on the other side.

Another way to really reach out is to capitalize on well known events like The Super Bowl. Think of what you offer and how it ties into The Super Bowl. For example you offer life coaching and business coaching so you can tie in quotes from Super Bowl Coaches in your marketing materials for January and February. You own a bakery you can make Super Bowl Cup Cakes, you own a dry cleaners you can offer a look Super for The Super Bowl Special.

One element for effective out reach is to be creative. Another is to plan your strategy and implement it.

Advertisement  Ideas: Reach Up

Are you setting your goals after you do you outreach? Setting goals is reaching up just like limbering up before you exercise. Reaching up begins to be part of the advertising strategy as it is the planning aspect of the process. Think:

1: Who do I want to reach?

2: How do I want to reach them?

3: How much do I want to spend on reaching them?

4: What is my expected return after I reach them?

5: What message will I use to reach them?

  Instead of running on the tread mill take some action and reach up and out to the people that you are seeking to be customers/clients with a strategic plan.

Advertisement Ideas: Rise

When you are maximizing your message you want to be like a rising hot air balloon your fuel will be a message that is relevant, entertaining, and resonating. The more information you can give a consumer/client the better as you then become the expert and go to person in your field. When you entertain with your message you will attract people who relate to you. When you message truly resonates is when you will see an increase in sales.

This week reach out, reach up, and rise.



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