Advertising Ideas: Commercials Aggravation or Entertainment


Advertising Ideas: Commercials That Aggravate

Have you ever been entrenched in a TV Show or Radio Program and an announcer comes on promoting a product or service that truly annoys you. In many cases an advertiser will do this so you remember the commercial. In my area there is a current advertisement for The Ticket Clinic with a young boy with the most annoying voice that just grates on me every time I see this commercial. I find myself switching the channel or station when I hear it. It is posted below. This may be effective and get people to talk, however it made me think twice about doing business with this company. As a professional voice talent I get annoyed by commercials like this. True sometimes your aggravating commercial will get attention and be remembered, however is it bringing you business.

Another aggravating commercial I hear is about the man who lost his wife to lung cancer. I can fully understand his tragedy as my mother is currently battling lung cancer and I do a lot of work for The American Cancer Society but again when Doug Stoddard voice comes on the radio or TV the  channel or station gets switched.

Many commercials are overlayed and get to the point of aggravating even though they may be effective the are also offensive. When you do your commercial remember if it annoys the consumer they are going elsewhere to do business. I know I do.

Advertising Idea: Commercials That Entertain

As I mentioned I do a lot of volunteering with The American Cancer Society Relay for Life and I really like their More Birthdays Campaign.I find the commercials to be entertaining and informative.


I really like creative commercials that entertain like The Doritos Commercials, even though I don’t buy their product often. I liked The Budweiser Frogs, even though I don’t drink alcoholic beverages. My all time favorite is The Coca Cola Teach The World To Sing  Campaign.


When I watch a commercial I look want to be entertained and informed if your commercial does this you havena chance to have me as a customer.

Commercials: Make Them Memorable

Think about it when doing your commercial will it please the audience and draw business to you. Many businesses may not have a Coca Cola or Budweiser type budget, however every business can make a decent commercial. Think about your message. and consider the following:

1: Do you have a pleasant voice over message or one that grates on people?

2: Is your ad esthitically pleasing?

3: Will The ad reach your desired audience.

4: Will your ad stand the test of time?

    My Top 10 Commercials

1: American Express- Don’t Leave Home With Out It

2: Coca Cola- It’s The Real Thing

3: Nike- Just Do It

4: Dorito’s- The Vending Machine magic Eight Ball Competition

5: ESPN- The BCS Commercials with Brent Mussberger’s Voice

6: The Ford F150 Commercial With Keiffer Sutherland’s Voice

7: The American Cancer Society- More Birthdays Campaign

8: Budweiser- Clysdales Salute to 9/11

9: Milk- It Does The Body Good

10: Coca-Cola Polar Bears

As you create your comercial remember to ask will it be aggravating or entertaining. Either way you can see results. My personal choice is to be entertaining, relevant, and resonating.

Annoying or Entertaining? I personally like and admire Mr. Mussberger and aspire to have a career like his.






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