Advertising Ideas: HEY YOU!!!!!!!


Advertising Ideas: Hey You!

Grab Your Audience and Maximize Your Message


    I often get the feeling that I am being screamed at when I see or hear an advertisemement. As someone who sells  advertising I also feel that I am yelling Hey You at people when attempting to share with them information that can benefit their business. I often say to those I consult:

1. Grab Your Audience

2. Keep Your Audience

3. Leave Your Audience Wanting More

       I have learned you do not have to yell or raise your voice  or bold your message to grab your audience. In print media it can be just a subtle hint of what your product or service does to add value to their life. In a radio or TV ad you don’t have to yell all you have to do is have something that is relevant, entertaining, and resonating.

         To keep your audience keep the message short and easy to understand. To leave the audience wanting more have an offer that is attractive and easy to redeem.

Advertising Ideas: YES YOU!!!

      I am reminded of the scene from The Blues Brothers with the big loud speaker atatched to the car and the voice say Hey You, Yes You on The Bicycle Show Tonight Be There. This may not be the most effective way to maximize your messsage however  if you have a vehicle wrapped with your logo and message and contact information and you drive it around in heavily trafficed areas or you bring it to special events and have give aways you can reach your desired audience and also create a buzz about your business.  Try this campaign:


This message is for you if you would like to _______________________________________________________________

You can incorporate this into your print campaign or your electronic campaign or your social media campaign.

Sometimes you want to be The Elephant in The Room so as to create interest.


Advertisement Ideas: The Offer

     Be Unique and different when giving an offer, don’t do what your competitor is doin do something that you will be remembered for. How many people offer a free 30 second voice over? I do so someone can try me out and in return I get another notch on my experience list. If they really like what I did I ask for a testimonial. The key in making the offer is to have something of value.

Sometimes you really have to slam the audience to get their attention. THis week remember to grab their attention, keep their attention and leave them wanting more.

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