Advertisement Ideas: How to Design An Advertisement


Advertisement Ideas: How To Design An Advertisement

    When you are implementing an advertising strategy you first want to answer the question how to design an advertisement. When designing your ad take into consideration if it is for print or electronic purposes as your startegies will vary to get the results you desire. When designing your ad take into consideration some of the following aspects.

1: What is your message?

2: Who Do You Want To Reach With Your Message?

3: What Best Conveys The Message?

4: Does The Ad Appeal To The Audience You Want To Reach?

Here is a samples of a print ad that I have found to be effective.

An effective Ad Design Gets Results







Advertisement Ideas: Radio and TV Ads

      When doing a radio or TV ad think who is going to be the voice, and  how will I measure the results. There are many voice to choose from, me included so make sure your choice fits with your message. Use techinues like mention this ad and receive a 10% discount. Tailor the voice and the offer so that it will represent your business in the way that you want it to.

Ozzy Osbourne is very recognizable and attracts viewers, however if your budget doesn’t allow you to hire Ozzy find someone locally known and use them or make yourself the star.
 Do you recognize that voice? It is Brett Musburger. His voice grabs the audiences attention, again if you can’t afford his fees you can hire someone who has a voice that you like.

      As you design your advertisement remember that it is going to represent you and a well designed well placed ad means a more recognizable image and more customers, which means more revenue.

      Advertisements are something that when designed properly get the best results.


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