Advertisements Ideas: Making A Resolution- Will It Last?


Making a Resolution: Will it Last

  Every New Year’s Eve people gather and proclaim their resolutions and then  a few weeks later they are back to their old habits. This has led me to think when making a resolution will it last. Fore example a business owner makes a resolution to increase their marketing and buid their brand, then  the excuses pop up and the resolution goes by the wayside. This resolution can last if certain things are followed:

1: A workable plan is implemented and followed

2: The target audience is defined and targeted

3: The business owner writes it down and places it somewhere they can see it everyday

4: Creating a marketing mindset- looking for opportunities to build your brand in everything you do.

I found the above worksheet online and thought it would help you on setting your goals to keeo your resolution and make it last.

Resolutions: Are You Really Committed

    How many times have you said I resolve to lose weight this year and by the end of the month you are back to the old habits. You may want to pick up some books like Shanon Nelson’s Get Over Your B.S., or Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books, or any other personal development author that resonates with you. How committed are you to making a difference in your personal and professional life.  It is when you commit to yourself and declare that you will do something and begin towards the goal that you will see progress. For me my weight has been an issue for 20 years as I have fluctuated up and down trying every quick fix out their to finally realize that it is when I change my eating habits that I get the best results.

    As with weight loss changes in business take  a commitment as well. If you are complaining of lack of business and blaming the outer world and not resolving to change than I suggest you lok in the mirror and see what you can do differently. Look at your marketing plan has it evolved with your business or are you doing the same thing you did a few years ago.

As you make your Resolutions know taht you have the power to keep them and when you change your belief systems you cahnge your life. Shift your thoughts and your words in your life and in your business.

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