Media Relations: Send The Message


Media Relations: Send The Message

  Media relations is not a sometime thing it is an everytime thing. Everytime you have something that is relevant, entertaining, and resonating about you and your business alert the media and send the message. I have spoken to many individuals about media relations and when I say the strategy that works the best is to have something going out to the media on a weekly basis the excuses that I hear amaze me like I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money to hire someone to do that, or I do fine without media coverage. One article or appearnace on the radio or TV or a mention is someone’s blog can increase your sales and thus create more clients/customers. Thise that engage in media relations on a constant basis out perform their competitiors as they are the one’s on the top of the mind of the consumer when their products or services are needed. 

Media Relations- Delivering Your Message

 Media Relations: Tips and Tricks For Delivering Your Message

     The biggest thing in media relatrions is having your story picked up and read. There are many factors that go into making this happen. Here are some tips to deliver your message:

1: Make sure the story is relevant, entertaining, and resonates with the recipient

2: Create a media list- This is an easy process as you can search for media outlets

3: Build relationships with those on your media list, become their facebook friend, follow them on twitter, invite them to be part of your social media network.

4: Don’t just send an email make a phone call. One technique I like to use is to call editors, program managers, assignment desk managers, producers and introduce myself and ask them if they can answer some questions as I am interviewing leaders in the industry so I can moree effectively deliver stories to them.

5: Remember to mention that your stories will increase their market share and can also asssit with building revenue. For example you secure a column in the paper or segment on radio or TV and you give the advertising execs a chance to find a sponsor.

6: Make Media Relations part of your weekly schedule.

7: Create a startegy and a theme for your stories that create a desire for the recipient to call you and do a story. Last year I used the concept of JDOGG Barks To Assist The American Cancer Society. This story ran in several local newspapers, I was interviewed by radio stations, and the story was posted on several radio and TV websites. Creativity is a big part of media relations

8: Follow up to see when a story will be done. After the story runs send a thank you note.

9: Look at ways to get coverage such as special events for charity, informational videos that you are making, charitable causes you are supporting, groups you are forming.

10: Remember your story has merit and with the right angle it will get picked up


Media Relations: Gratitude Goes a Long Way

       Remember to thank those in the media that are helping to deliver your message. One thing I have done over the years is to drop off donuts, pizza, and other food to the media room with a note Thank You from Jonathan “JDOGG” Lederman with my contact information on the card so that if the recipeints are looking for a story they will know to call me.  It is when you show appreciation that you get more results. The idea is to strengthen that media relations relationship.

     This week make a commitment to deliver your message and thus increase your brand and create more revenue. One article, radio interview, or TV appearance will increase your visibility and credibility.


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