Advertisement Ideas: How To Pay It Forward


Advertisement Ideas: How To Pay It Forward

When I do consultations with businesses I am often asked how can I pay it forward. I usually answer find a charitable cause that you are passionate about and research programs that you can participate in and then create a marketing strategy that will promote how you are paying it forward. One of the charitable causes I am involved with is The American Cancer Society Relay for Life in which I participate annually, this year my website that you can visit to make donations is  I mention this as I use my involvement in this cause to garner free publicity for my business. Last year I wrote an article JDOGG Barks to Assist Cancer Patients, this article appeared in several local newspapers, and on many radio station web sites as a result of paying it forward I was able to garner a few emcee bookings.


Paying It Forward Leads to a Stronger Brand

There are many ways to pay it forward like

1: Visiting, one of my guests on Get Motivated with Jonathan “JDOGG” Lederman, which is heard on Monday from 6-7 PM EST at, and purchase her books as  gifts.

2: Visiting and purchasing items such as the collie for water bottles and giving these out to customers or clients.

3: Visiting and ordering her book Ordinary Planet Extraordinary People

4: Selling Suns and Moons if you are a retailer in your store for The American Cancer Society

5: Giving out Hanukkah or Christmas Cards to your customers/clients

6: Volunteering at charitable functions

7: Hosting a toy drive like All Star Cupcakes in Boca Raton

8: Doing food baskets for a local charitable group like a Family Central

9: Buying coffee for the person behind you in line

10: Paying the next cars toll

Paying It Forward: Getting Media Attention      When you pay it forward document it and share it with media sources, on your Facebook page, on your twitter, and other social media as people like to do business with people they perceive to be giving back to the community.  As you do acts of kindness and pay it forward you will activate the law of reciprocity and thus be rewarded.

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