Spiritual Emcee: Getting The Gig


I’ll never forget my first gig as it came about quite by accident. I was a member of The Jaycees and they were planning a Beautiful Baby Contest For The St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and I said well I can emcee. I knew I had it in me to be a great emcee as the moms in the audience all said the same thing you have a great voice. The Lighthouse Point named me the greatest emcee after the veent.  Since that first gig I  have done over 50 events and continue to hone my craft.

There have been some stumbles like misprouncing dignitaries names and the correcting my self or having The National Anthem stop playing and having to sing the last couple of lines I have come to learn that the key is flexibility and preparation. The hardest part of being an emcee is not the actual gig but securing the gig. The best way to secure a gig is to make a demo tape and present it to groups that do special events, attend trade shows and make sure you have your demo with you, many times it is just a matter of asking the right person. The best thing you can do is research events that occur in the community see who is sponsoring the event and then ask if they need an emcee. As you emcee make sure you record the gig so you have a video.



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