The buzz word today is customer service. In any business good customer service is often rewarded with repeat business or the building of a stronger relationship where the customer becomes a rasving fan and starts to recommend you to others. Think about everyone who walks into your business or calls you on the phone or approaches you at a networking event can be a benefit to your business. I have often recommended a business just because the person who represented the business was nice to me, even if they didn’t buy for me or make a donation to the charity I was promoting.

Good Customer Service Leads To Increased Revenues

      As I was out today(11/30/11) collecting for and promoting The Relay for Life I ran into a few people who exemplify the idea of good customer service. There was Andy from The Yogurt Zone in Boca, located in The Somerset Shops who welcomed me despite the fact that he was busy cleaning the equipment. I asked if this was a bad time, he said no how can I help you. I introduced myself and we began talking about Relay for Life and he has committed to doing a monthly fundraiser for The West Boca Raton Relay for Life. He gave me a sample of the yogurt. It was very good. I am looking forward to working with him and I recommend that when you are in the Boca area around Lyons Road and Glades that you stop in and say hello and let him know you heard about him on this blog.
The key is to deliver outstanding customer service so as to get people to talk positively about you.


Customer Service: The Bad
   As I walked into the dental office to  share information about Relay for Life I was greeted with a snarly please sign the doctor will be with you. I then stated I wasn’t a patient and would like to speak to the ofiice manager to which I was told what is it about I told her and was told she is busy with patients. I then asked if I could leave information and gave her my card and mentioned that I also do voice mail messages to which I was told the doctor has enough employees. I know if I ever need a dentist I wouldn’t go into that office. I went into another office and the receptionsist said I can’t help you we don’t have an outreach person, we don’t have an office manager, we  don’t have a marketing person. I pressed on and eventually she gave me the corporate number. She told me all I do is answer the phones and slide this window back and forth all day. Again I would think twice about using their services.
    Remember that the idea is to leave everyone you come in contact with a warm happy feeling about your business as you never know who they may or may not know and how they can affect you business.
Customer Service: The Ugly
     Walking into an arcade and being yelled at that there is no soliciting and I can’t allow you to collect. I asked why and was told the boss won’t allow it. I asked can I contact the boss as this is for a good cause. The women yelled no, I am a cancer survivor if it was uo to me I would say yes. I began thinking didn’t the boss empower you to make decisions that could positively impact his business. I left thinking another business that I won’t be patronizing any time soon.
       Good customer service can increase your revenue, build brand recognition, and create a buzz in the community about you. Some things to keep in mind:
1: The person walking in or speaking on the phone maybe a potential customer, may be influential in the community, may have been ready to make a purchase or use your services.
2: If you don’t have the answer don’t say I can’t help you find someone that can or say I don’t haver the answer now however I will research it and get the information for you, then make sure you do that. 
3: Be pleasant, be helpful
4: Creat a positive experience through your interactions
5: Find ways to make the encounter one that will be positively talked about
6: Remember people may not remember what you said or did but they will remember how you makde them feel so make them feel good.
To supervisors and business owners make sure your staff is armed with information to deliver outstanding customer service.
To sole proprietors or home based business owners make sure that you make everyone feel appreciated even those that may seem difficult.














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