Thanksgiving: What Does It Mean For Business?


Snoopy Improves Business at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: What Does It Mean For Business?

When I think of Thanksgiving I think of football, going to mom’s house, or in some years spending time in Williamburg, VA for a family gathering. I think wow this is a time for people in business to really capitalize on the idea of families getting together and celebrating. I do not know of any businesses that don’t do well during the week of Thanksgiving. Think about it when you run your ads  for Thanksgiving Week and you thank your clients and customers in the ad. Perhaps you take the time to send a thank you card to those who are supporting your efforts in your business. Millions of dollars will be spent The Day After Thanksgiving, afectionately known as Black Friday, and then on Monday Cyber Monday hits. What this means to business is that the consumer will be making buying decisions at this time. This can be a very lucrative time for those with an entrpreneurial spirit.

Thanksgiving Means a Surge in Business and Opportunity

Thanksgiving: Creating a Business Opportunity

Imagine if you were to speak to The Best Buy Manager and he would agree to have you sell coffee, donuts, and sofft drinks. This can be done very easily if you know someone with a food handlers license, you could donate a portion of the profit to The American Cancer Society Relay for Life, which Best Buy is a National Corporate Sponsor. The process would be easy set up a table close to the line, have a sign tat states what you are doing.  There are many ways you can partner with businesses who will be doing promotions. Think about what service you could provide. Perhaps you own a truck and you could use the truck to deliver bigger items and give consumers an alternative to using Best Buy’s Service. If youa re good with computers maybe offer a set up service or if you have knowledge on mountinbg HDTVs you can offer that as a service.

A Thanksgiving Tradition That Drives Business

Thanksgiving: Driving Business

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has become a huge tradition. I remember as a kid we would all gather around the TV and watch, while mom made the Turkey and then it was outside to play some football. The memories of this day made me think how can you drive business and build revenue.

1: A restaurant or diner could open and have a Thanksgiving Parade Watch Party with all types of specials and make it a party

2: The Local Sports Bar could offer a Thanksgiving Meal along with  showing  The Football Games

3: Caterers could offer to prepare meals and deliver them

4: Local Businesses could sponsor food drives and promote them

Wishing everyone a  Happy Thanksgiving filled with peace, love, and happiness. This week be creative and proactive.


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